(A/N: so this was actually something that we had to write for my theatre class, (we had to write character auto-biographies. I played the narrator) and I felt like posting with yall.)

Hi, my name is Skylar. I don't really remember my birth but that's ok, because I was the youngest out of three siblings and held absolutely no power. I don't like thinking about it. All I remember, is that apparently, I was kind of an annoying baby, that was asleep during the day, but kept every one up at night.

They said this lasted until I started preschool when I was two. Preschool was nice. I was one of the youngest in my class, but that didn't stop me from trying to make more friends so I could have a bit more status. It worked, and by preK, I was the most popular girl in my grade. It was nice being the queen. With all this preschool power, I was able to get the children to listen to me, and the teachers to never refuse me.

When I went to kindergarten, the popularity came with me. Everyone was dying to be my friend. By this time, I was starting to like having all this power. I like how I was able to inspire all my friends to work hard, even if I wasn't the hardest worker myself. I guess you could say I started to become a bit meaner in second or third grade. I say that I just became smarter. Why inspire people, when I can just have them do all my dirty work? I guess people stopped liking me around that time, but that was okay, since they were too scared to do anything about it. I remember the teachers always tried to get mad at me for hurting another students feelings, but it's not my fault is it? I was never the one that was so sensitive they couldn't handle anything. I learned to be strong after my family treated me like nothing, just because I was the youngest. I recommend that everybody else learn too, because I can't stand crying. It's so annoying and whiny. Why sit there and complain, when you can do something about it? I never apologised. It's like I always told myself as I was growing up. "Choose what you do carefully, but don't apologise. Not when you could be doing something better with your time."

I think it was around fourth grade when I met Piper. I never really liked her, but she was popular enough and a pushover, so I didn't discard her like the rest of my lovesick followers. My most prominent memory of Piper was when I was about ten, maybe fourth or fifth grade, and she was at my house.

Back then, I used to own an animal farm play set. That day, she saw the play set, and decided that we were going to play "Animal Farm". She wasn't being much fun, coming up with completely ridiculous ideas. I remember having to continually change the story so that it was going how I wanted. As a kid, I always got my way, and I always will. We stopped being friends when I switched schools and started middle school.

Despite having no love for me, my parents always made sure I had a good education. When I switched schools, they sent me to a prestigious private school called Yewfield. There I spent my days building myself an army of brain dead people that catered onto my every need. The same thing happened when I went to Oak High.

When I went to college, I studied politics. Then I moved back to my hometown to run for mayor. That campaign was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It was the first time I had to compete with other people in a long time. Seeing other people with their own followers reminded me of my childhood, always competing with my siblings for the attention I never got. But then, I won the the election and got named Mayor Skylar.

Most recently, I had a dinner party with other people of power to try to win them over and to celebrate the publishing of my autobiography entitled Skylar. During this dinner, I saw Piper again. Of course, she was only there with her husband, the president of some random company I didn't bother to learn the name. She could never be aggressive enough to have more power than a school's vice principle.

I guess some people never change. They only slowly rise to power, like I did. But it's like I always told myself. "Choose what you do carefully, but don't apologise. Not when you could be doing something better with your time." And that's exactly what I did. I never apologised. Instead, I became mayor, and got a whole town to rule over.

So... scrap it or keep it? Please leave an honest review. (Or don't. Whatever. It's not like I care or anything.) ignore that. I was just being wired. (Yes I spelled that wrong. No I don't care)