"Again with this dream?" I asked out loud to myself.

I'm talking to myself again. Oh God. I don't want to dream of him again. Life has gotta get better than dreaming , doesn't it?

I kept dreaming, which was so out of the ordinary for me. They always meant something. I just didn't know what to do about it this time. This was more complicated than all the other ones had ever been. This involved my heart. This involved, well, everything...

I didn't want to thing about how I felt, so I pulled out my phone. It wasn't much, only worked on wifi, and was a few platforms behind the most current version,, but it was mine.

I turned over, and looked at my empty bed, and sat up. I grabbed my juice, took 4 Tylenol, and one pill I got from the doctor and got ready to work. I felt like writing. I grabbed a cigarette I opened up fictionpress account, and saw I had a message. .

It's always something to distract me. Dreams, School...Well, I have all night to write. Let's see what this is.

I opened the message immediately. I always got excited when I got messages, because they were few and far between. Except my best friend, and another friend Cato, I really only heard from people every blue moon.

But the moment I clicked on the PM Inbox section, I noticed that the message looked like this:

re: It's Gotta Get Better, Doesn't it? - 1 second ago


Who sent this. Does fictionpress have spam? It doesn't have a I should ask Kel? No, he wont reply anyway. Or I could wait until tomorrow.

I thought of sending my best friend a message on verify whether or not he'd ever gotten spam on Fictionpress, but before I could even try to talk myself out of it, 3 more messages popped up:

re: It's Definetly Going Get Better, Doesn't it? - 1 second ago


re: The message: Definetly Going Get better, Dang it... - 0 seconds ago


re: Read this message, It makes it get better, Damn it!. - How many seconds do you need?


I blinked my eyes, feeling that weird drop in the pit of my stomach( the kind when you are in the middle of the largest drop while on a roller coaster), and clicked the message.

It was blank. I clicked them all. All three were blank.

"What the hell? I didn't send any of these, but they all say ''RE" for return. And now that I click them, they're empty. Spam. " I said to no one.

Or Ghost Messages.

I laughed out loud. Sometimes I had the most random ideas. But, I still felt duped, so I grabbed another cigarette, set the phone down on the bed, and sat up on the edge in the dark, enjoying the silence.


No one is calling you at this time of night. Must be a game the kids downloaded, or maybe emails of the spam with a delay.

I grabbed the phone again, just in case it was something important. I planned to go ahead and start writing, when I saw a cute blue alien, with a white helmet glide across the screen. I figured it was something I'd downloaded earlier, but just forgot. about. I figured, I'd calm my nerves, while I tried to come He was like a cuter version, of Gazoo, complete with boots and gloves.

"Hi, I am Bikotu. Please press start to begin."

I hit the START button, and typed in my name:


and then scrolled down

I couldn't hit enter, because it wouldn't light up.

"What kind of game is this? Work, come on. Besides, you stole my character's name. " I remembered, as I had another failed story attempt on FP , where Bikotu was my conscience.

Maybe I'll try to rewrite that today. it needs it.

"I'm Bikotu. Do you want to go on an adventure? I'm Bikotu. I'm Bikotu. I'm..."

The phone started glowing, and Bikotu began floating above the phone.

"Okay, I know I'm not high. What the-"

I hopped out of the bed, and somehow managed to trip over my chair, but before I could get to the door of my bedroom, I was insulted.

"So you plan to run away from your own conscience. Your own thoughts. Abandon your own CREATION. Master!" Bikotu said.

I turned around and looked at Bikotu floating in the middle of my bedroom, and got angrier as he began laughing at me.

"What? You have to admit, that "Master" bit was a bit over the top." he said, stil laughing, rolling in a ball in the air.

"I guess" I said. "So are you going to explain how you came to life, or have I taken one to many pills or something? Did you come from the message. "

"Of course I did. And I'm real girlie. As real as you're thoughts, which will still filter through me. And Yes I called you girlie, and ... Hey! I do NOT look like Gazoo! Anyway, you need to focus. You have an opportunity to change your life. I will be your guide if you will. You asked if you if life could get better. The answer is .. It can be changed. The universe is providing you an opportunity. Now all you have to do is tell me if you want it to change?"

"Yes. As if that's a question?" I sighed. Of course I wanted it to change. Maybe I could be better than I've ever been. I would have a great purpose. I could...

"And do you accept it's challenges?"

"As long as they aren't anything like the ones I have here, with this stress,then yeah, sure! Why not? "

"Well, if you go to sleep, I will grant that wish, and it will be different when you wake up. I promise."

So like a kid on Christmas, I laid down, under the covers, waiting for the morning, when I would have some new life.

I decided to go ahead and go to sleep.

I woke up in the cold. I was walking, and dressed in linen pants, cinched at the waist and ankles, with my long black dreads tied behind my head in a long ponytail. I couldn't remember where I was coming from, or much about the night before. I just knew where I was headed. I was walking through what looked like an abandoned city.

The red of the snow, like a red dalmatian with white spots. I looked over the horizon, towards the Imperial City, as I trudged her way towards the library.

As I neared the doors, I saw a little girl with a doll in her hand, covered in blood, laying in the grass, on the side of the path.

"Hep me", the girl cried as she laid there.

I ran back down the steps, and bent down in the frozen grass and snow to wipe the blonde hair out of the girl's left eye, and bloody tears off of her face. She couldn't have been more than 5. I tried to remain calm as I bent down into the snow, taking off her jacket, cover the child, and trying to sift her off of the pile of dead bodies, that had been there for several days.

'It's okay. My name is Liz. What's your name sweetie?" I asked the child.


"Gracie, can you move for me sweetie?"

"Yes. I was smart. I buried in the snow but... I can't see. It hurts."

"Okay Okay. It'll be okay. I'll fix it, I promise. "

"Wiz." the little girl said, as she smiled. Kids had always called me that when they were little. Something about the L being too hard to pronounce.

I picked Gracie up out of the snow and noticed that the child's leg appeared to be broken. It was to much. I felt I had to find something in the library that would help weaken these monsters while I was here.

"Cato!" I said as I walked in, pulling the heavy door. Cato leered at me with his kind grey eyes, as he leaned over the front bookcase. I had this feeling we'd met before. Average height, he had a slim figure, and was dressed in a somewhat worn army fatigue outfit. All of a sudden I realized that something wasn't right about this. But I was too happy to see him and too angry about Gracie to be concerned with much else.

"Liz. Always a pleasure. What did I do to deserve such a gift today? And who is this?" he asked. He leaned over, in his green sweater, and picked up the box marked " ARMOUR", and placed it on the library counter. The library was large, one of the larger buildings still standing in the Enlightened District. Yet with the rampage that was escalating through the city, I reached over, and placed her sword into the box.

"Please, it is you that is the gift Cato, as always. It's getting worse out there. Have you heard anything?"

"Well, Sophia stopped by last night." he sighed. "But she's gone. I did learn that they are moving forward. They will take the city before nightfall." he said, as he shuffled through some papers behind the counter.

"Nightfall?! Have you moved all of the children?"

"Yes, they most have gone through the library catacombs. Don't worry. They'll be fine. I found this for you. You can read it in the back." He said, as he handed me a scroll of several bound papers.

It was as if I had been there all my life. But I couldn't shake the feeling as though I was forgetting something. Yet, I was home. I ran my hands along the ceiling high shelves, as I walked towards the back of the library into a large room, with a solid wooden door. On the door was a pyramid, raised inside of a large square, no lettering. I smiled as I closed the door, looking at the pyramid, but couldn't place the reason why I was smiling, so it quickly left my face.

The room was also filled with books. In the middle was a large desk, and wooden chair fit for a king. I sat down, and rolled out the scrolls, which were in Latin, French, and something else altogether. I skimmed the French one first, out of passion for the language, and stopped at the bottom, where I saw a little blue man, with a white helmet, drawn into the papyrus scroll. I ran my fingers over him, and no sooner, the entire roll of scrolls disappeared, and the little man was sitting in front of me.

"Really. Forgot me already?" he asked.

"And you are?..."

"God I don't have time for this. You have things to do here. This is what you wanted right?" be said, as he reached into his tiny pocket, and pulled out a small batch of red dust, that he blew in my face, making me sneeze. " How about now?" He asked.

"Bikotu!" I yelled.

"Now, we can get o. With it. I am your spirit guide. You are in danger. This place will be raided in 3 minutes, and oh um... You need to find Cross and Kel for help."

"Seriously, what the hell?"

" The scrolls will help, but I have to let you learn a little on your own".

"But raided by who", I asked, but as I looked from him to the scroll and back up, Bikotu was gone.