Thought 3 you

Ha the title is a laugh. You're all I ever think about. I swear just seeing your name on my phone screen sends a smile across my face that makes my cheeks sore. Yeah the ones on my face weirdo.

Aaaand I just made you smile. Admit it. I love being the reason that your cheeks go red or you cover your mouth to keep your wide grin from showing. I remember the first time we face timed. I wanted to be the reason your eyes light up like that for the rest of my life.

I swear that if your pictures were clothes, they'd be thread bare. Sometimes..ok all the time I'll just stop and stare. It's scary yet incredible to think that I'm looking at the rest of my life, goofy crossed eyes, puffed cheeks and all. (I'll show you which picture that is sometime. I love it.)

Oh, by the way, I had a dream about you/us. Haha, just know that I jumped through a magic trash can and ran away from furries just to get to you. Yeah, that's love. (I'll tell you later, you know how insane I am)

I really don't think you understand just how whipped you've got me. I'm always thinking about things I could do to either make you laugh, smile, or really judge me and question your life choice of choosing me (it's because I'm tall, I know). I even watch youtube videos because I think you'd like them. (my viewing list has been reeeeally kpop and anime lately oh and our queen Tana)

It made me smile when you sent that turntable and said it made you think of me. I do that so much I couldn't begin to take enough pictures to show them all. Sigh.. you even have me watching your shows (they're good though, I know you got good taste ;) )

I swear I can't your eyes out of my mind. I know you don't like them that much, but that's because you don't see what I see. I catch myself staring a lot when we face time. I can see your fangirling and love just radiating from them. They give you away when you're trying to be tough or trying not to smile. No one else may catch it, but they'll keep you honest just like mine do for me. I can never hide anything from you. I don't want to but you always feel it anyways. I love that. You truly are my soulmate. I love you. I will love you.