And as the Red clashed with the Yellow, they created Orange.

A color as bright as the sunset, a color that was foreign.

But then Red clashed more with the foreign one and created something uncommon.

They moved to opposite ends of the piece that made up this composition.


A border trapped them all and divided them into sections.

The colors then blended amongst themselves to fit into a specific complexion.

The border itself was a dark abyss of endless black, no color could overcome it.

However, a color outside of the abyss surrounded it.

Its hue was the tint of the bright sky, the others thought the description fit.


This color was unfamiliar, they didn't know where it came from.

A small whisper they heard, it said,

Hi, I'm the color of the ocean, I'm associated with the emotion of sadness, a color that describes

calmness and tranquility, I'm a color that can blend with Red.

My name is Blue, a hue that colors tears that are shed.

Afterward, there was a silence that spread and hadn't left.


For the longest time, there was a tense atmosphere, as if they all expected someone to arrive.

And then a color did.

This color accompanied Blue on the outside of the border to its delight.

It was described as a rich and royal color, a hue made by a blend of Blue and Red.

Both colors were described as rich and full of emotions.

The others thought it impossible, but easily left it unspoken.

It called itself Purple, though it was just barely audible to those across the border.


Time passed and it dawned on them that this was it, a completion of a complicated complexion.

Forever would Red clash with Yellow.

The black abyss created a bit of a connection.

Purple would accompany Blue, a line of just an amazing combination.

And once more, the colors realized they completed a unique coloration.

AN: This original piece was created as a gift to a friend in 2015.

Please do not repost or copy. Thank you.

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