In the heart of a Pacific island, one man will reign a vast archipelago in a malicious manner. To add up, he is also more than just a simple mortal.

In the suburbs near to the Splerai'ian industrial city of Yad' Dili' Lidi, a 16 year aged male teenager with a height of 4'11, was riding in one of Splerai'ia's busiest narrow-gauge railway trains. Sitting in the crammed seats along with his other friends, the teenager was just reading a small pocketbook while the others continued on their own activities. A similar aged male teenager approached the reading teenager.

"Hey, Spler."

"Oh hey there, Mikano."

"What are you reading in there? I noticed that you really loved that pocketbook."

"Oh, this? It's a pocketbook entitled "Oriental-Pacific Governance", Mikano."

"Ah, yes. I remember that. It's the very same copy that your father gave it to you on your 11th birthday, right?"

"Yeah. The very same time when the state stole my parents."

Mikano sighed.

"Look, dude. I know it pains to realize that your parents were being drafted for a permanent job as conscript-laborers but someday, you will save them along with the other poor souls."

"Yeah. I know, Mikano."

He sighed and kept away the pocketbook on his satchel. A female teenager approached Mikano.


"Oh hey there, Miakra. I didn't noticed that you manage to squeeze through the train terminal just half an hour ago."

"Actually, I followed you and your best friend all the way from school up to the terminal. The next minute, I boarded this very train like you guys normally do."

"I see."

Splero sighed.

"Couples. How jealous I was."

Mikano and Miakra perked upon hearing that.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing. I'm just saying that I was a bit jealous, guys."

"How could you say that, Splero?"

"Well...Both of you were a couple, right?"

"I mean...Yeah. We been a couple for more than a year now."

"Don't worry. You will still able to capture Roxena's heart soon."

"How can I win her, guys. I been requesting her on her free times to get along with each other but she was so malicious. She even ignored me to some flirt boys not a few days ago. I could still remember of what happened to me earlier at school as well."

Splero wiped his forehead with his sponging rag.

"Calm your senses there, man."

"Maybe you should try to win her harder next time, Spler. You don't have the chance."

"Everybody have a chance, dear."

"She's right, Spler. Take our advice and you should be fine in your quests.

The train finally slows down to the final train terminal.

"Alright, guys. I'll try harder next time. On my attempts in winning Roxena's heart, saving my parents from forced labor and proclaiming myself as the new leader of Splerai'ia."

"Break a leg there, Splero!"

"Good Luck!"

Splero waved his goodbyes to Mikano and Miakra before disappeared in the smoke.


Splero finally arrived at his apartment. Upon entering the room, he places the pale satchel on the floor and he belly flopped on the bed.

"What a failure at school today."

Splero sighed as he tried to remove the stress he got after a dramatic failure in winning the school essay contest and got bullied by Roxena's friends earlier. He was on the verge of dementia.

"I wish I was successful with everything I could think of!"

Splero was then interrupted when his phone rang. Groaning, he took the call even though he was so stressed and tired.


"Hello, Splero."

"Identify yourself."

"It's me. Roxena."

Splero's grip on the phone intensified.

"What do you want, Roxena?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened earlier at school."

"Is that all? Is that all you can say to me, Roxena?"

Roxena sighed.

"No, Splero."

"That is sick, Roxena! That is just a small apology!"

"Please don't get agitated on the phone for me, Spler."

"Well then. This is the high time for me to get agitated, Roxena! Don't you know how mortified I been feeling right about now?! HUH?!"

Roxena remain silent.

"Imagine if you intervene your friends that bullied me in the awarding ceremony, I was saved from the agony but it's not. It really happened and look at me! I looked worthless!"

"But Spler..."

"Enough! I wanted to have some time alone and by myself!"

With that, Splero cuts the call. He then went to bed.