The Eyes

Matthew's eyes weakly opened up as he awoke to find himself dumped in an alley. His head throbbed with pain as he tried to recount his last memory but to no success. The man picked himself up, leaning against an old and dirty brick wall for support. The walls were grimy with various kinds of filth, all of it mixing up into a soot colored stain that plastered both walls near him. He couldn't recall what had happened nor where he was, he couldn't remember anything useful except his own name. He walked out onto the streets expecting life to return to normal but was met with only a dreary silence. Papers blew about like tumbleweeds, a thin fog engulfed the city with its humid mist, not another soul was in sight, not even the caw of a crow nor hum of an engine. He was alone. Alone in a dead city where any sound he made he was sure it could echo. The lost man stopped, listening closely to a faint whisper gently falling upon his ears, it almost beckoning him to venture out and seek the soft voice's owner. As Matthew stalked the streets, cautious of every corner, he started to feel a sense of dread run down him as if his subconscious wanted nothing more than for him to flee, yet the mesmerizing lure of the voice, it's soothing, gentle, whispers were too alluring to ignore. They whispered sweet nothingness into his ear, words that he could not understand yet felt safe, protected by it. Matthew had been walking for what felt like hours until he turned a corner. His eyes slowly took in the odd and terrifying sight as he saw it was a dead end filled with nothing but white symbols hastily painted in countless patterns and circles. A step could be heard, the sound like that of a person slapping raw meat on tile or with their hand. He froze for a moment upon the final realization that he was certainly not alone. He stepped closer to the dead end, his will fighting to keep his curiosity from turning his gaze. With the battle being lost Matthew reluctantly turned his head, seeing a horrendous creature just beyond the alley. It was trembling, coal toned flesh rotting with bits and chunks missing. Parts of the thing's body were bloated, like a bruise swelling after a swift and powerful hit only this time a larger size, its partially missing foot and arm held these conditions. The creature's head had few strands of hair left from its near bald scalp and its mandible hanging off one side. It was covered in a dried layer of blood and muck. Whether it belonged to the creature or was owned by some other unfortunate soul was unknown. The creature took a step forward. Matthew stepped back. Each time it shambled toward him, twitching like a person in a blizzard, ever so closer he would do the same until there would be no room left to retreat. The bright yellow glow of the eyes were its most predominant feature, the new arrival would creep closer and closer as the now terrified man could do nothing but watch his inevitable death approach him, he could not even open his mouth to let out a mutter. The thing raised up a sharp talon of broken bone that was protruding from its hand bringing it down for a single swipe at its helpless prey.

Matthew jolted awake and back in his bed, sweat running down his forehead. After catching his breath Matthew joked to himself about the nightmare and how he was fearful for nothing. The man took a quick drink of water he had left beside his bedside table, the water soothed his nerves even if only a little. A knocking came from his room door. He felt a shiver run down his spine as he sat quietly, not knowing who or what it could be. A thief? A murderer? He did not know. He didn't live with anyone. Matthew got out of bed, deftly making his way to the bedroom door as the knocking continued. He was about to grab the handle but stopped when he remembered the dream he just had. He shook the thought off, reassuring himself that it was a dream, this was reality. He quickly opened the door to an empty hall. His hall. The tension that had built up had left just as fast as it had arrived. He looked down once he heard the soft purring of his cat sitting in front of him, now starting to rub up against the owner's legs. The man let out a sigh before deciding to return to bed, he turned, looked to the window viewing the outside world only to find a yellow gaze staring back at him.