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"The moon." The old Wise Woman whispered. "The moon wanes in strength." Her hands frozen in the air before her.

"What are you talking about old woman?" A deep voice questioned.

"Cursed by the moon. Cursed by the sun.

The shackles must fall for the destined to come.

The son's of the wolf. Two there are.

Bring down the heavens to trigger the start.

Wild and fierce, changes are made.

Life and death merge, fight for a love to save.

Children born, mates united.

Magic finds strength when no longer divided.

The dark cannot see. The dark cannot stop.

Their own actions plant the seeds of the crop.

Learn these lessons. Learn them true.

The cycles restart. What was old is now new.

For those of power, power is blessed.

Remember, without honor, that power will not last.

Do what you must. Do what you will.

The dark throne will fall when prophecies are fulfilled.

What the wolves start, others will not this the past, for it is tomorrow."

"Are you saying that we can find our freedom from a child?"

The woman's solid white eyes never moved toward the male voice. "The prophecy has been foretold. The mate must be found. The child must be born. Only then, will our kind find the change it needs."

Chapter 1:

"This has got to be some new level of Hell that I haven't been to before." Davis said as he looked around in utter horror.

Standing at six foot, six inches with short black hair, black pants tucked into black combat boots and a black sleeveless shirt that showed off the tribal tattoos running from his shoulders to his wrist; the alpha wolf definitely looked out of place as he wandered the aisles of Babies R' Us.

"Perhaps I should mention that to the ancestors after I kill you and take your position within the pack." Devyn snapped back at his twin brother. Unlike Davis, Devyn had learned to dress a little less standoffish when walking in the human world. His black hair was just long enough to have the top and sides pulled into a ponytail and a short, well kept beard. He wore a pair of faded jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Over all, he looked like the owner of some bar, unlike his brother that looked like he was about the be kicked out of it for starting a fight.

Davis glared at Devyn. "Why are we here again?"

Devyn sighed. "Because I don't understand this stuff. I can't set up a nursery when I don't know everything that I need. Once I know what all we need to get, I can order online or something."

"And why is your mate not with you? You don't need me here." He grumbled and looked around.

Devyn was losing patience with his brother. Ever since he found his mate, Davis had been more pissy than usual. Sure, it was uncommon for a beta to be mated, let alone before an alpha. But they were twin brothers. It wasn't like Devyn would actually fight his brother for the position. They were a package deal. It would all just be easier if Davis found himself a mate.

"It can't be a surprise if she helps me." Then he looked around and mumbled under his breath. "This is seriously overwhelming."

"I heard that!" Davis scowled at him. Not one clue in his brother's head that told him what he was doing. Still, he insisted that his alpha go with him. Like he was any more help. They would be there for hours at that rate.

Davis loved Lorelai as his sister-in-law. He was not opposed to doing just about anything else in the world for her… fight for her, kill for her, protect her, even get her pizza and ice cream at 4am. But this was beyond his scope of understanding. How could there be so many things made just for babies and kids and all of the gross things they do?

There were thousands of types of diapers, wipes, nose bulbs, bibs, burp cloths, covers, washable this and reusable that. Just thinking about the messes that required such things made Davis's skin crawl. It would be a miracle if he could even be in a room with his nieces or nephews before they are fully house broken. Definitely planning on passing the pups back to their parents for any clean up duties.

The two wolves wandered around the store rather aimlessly. Neither had any experience with children at all, let alone modern human children. What little exposure they had with their siblings and cousins had been a couple hundred years ago. Things were different then. None of the commercialism and disposable culture. And the fact that they were in the heaviest of fighting in a long standing war… their attention was on training how to fight. Not babies.

Devyn had tried to flag down one employee who scurried away in fear of them. Another tried to swallow the unease in their chest to sell them on something that Devyn wasn't sure he needed. As his frustration grew, at the whole situation and lack of assistance, it only made things worse. The women in the store avoided them and even quickly pulled their children away.

"See, I could have gone the rest of eternity without seeing breast pumps." Davis pointed at the shelf next to him. "Breasts, more than happy to look at those. Just not the pumps."

"Wow. This is not a strip club. If you want that kind of talk, you can go back to the one you crawled out of. This is a family store." A young woman bravely walked up to the twins.

"My apologies for my brother." Devyn hit Davis in the arm. "Say you're sorry"

"What for? I was honest. And she is the one making assumptions." He growled a warning for the authoritative tone his beta had taken. Even in joking, the beast inside would not take a challenge to his authority.

The woman rolled her eyes. "What is it you are looking for? Maybe I can help get you out of here faster."

"Do you work here?" Devyn asked.

"Na. I just shop for baby stuff a lot." She replied.

He contemplated it for just a moment. "Then maybe you could give some honest input instead of sales pitches. I am looking to stock an entire nursery to surprise my wife. I can't buy everything today because we are traveling through Phoenix, I will order it when we get home. But I honestly don't even know where to start."

Prophecy was shocked. These two are seriously here for a nursery?

"Oh buddy, that is a whole day." She paused as the man looked around with panic in his eyes. Then she sighed. "Good thing that I take pity on lost souls. My name is Prophecy. Yes, it is really my name, so get over it." She reached out and shook Devyn's hand. Then Davis's.

Davis scowled at her. "You are not too scared to help us?"

"Scared of your chauvinism? Hardly. Scared of you Mr. tall, dark, and intimidating? Ehh, I help deliver babies. Women in labor could skin you alive. I have learned to build up a thick skin to protect myself from venomous words. I think I can manage being around you for a few hours."

Prophecy walked the men over toward the furniture section to start with. As she walked, Davis ogled her round backside. He had to admit, she was attractive. She appeared to be in her late twenties and stood around five foot, seven inches with caramel skin. Her hair was black and fell in a wild mess of fat curls just past her shoulders. Stripes of blue blended into her curls almost naturally. It was a unique and beguiling look.

Her eyes were a light honey brown that stood out even more when framed by blue colors in her hair. Her tight jeans and black t-shirt hugged her curves exquisitely. And her breasts! He was always a sucker for a nice rack. She wasn't a slender woman, but rather, curvy and well proportioned. Perfect for filling his hand with her soft flesh.

Davis wondered what those curves would feel like against his body. He could smell her apple scented shampoo in the air as she walked ahead of him with a subtle tint of clove under it all. He wanted to bury his face in her neck to smell her better. His body was on fire.

He had always appreciated feminine curves, though few women would test the waters with the big, bad, alpha wolf. That was certainly one hell of a cock block. He never had a stomach for rape, so he never wanted to feel like he was forcing himself on a woman. Even if she verbally said yes, it's just not all that stimulating when he knew the woman would rather be screaming in fear than screaming in pleasure. And most of the women who didn't truly fear him were too loose to be very appetizing.

But Prophecy was different. He could still feel her unease, but she pushed passed it. She engaged with them. That certainly caught Davis's attention. Her wit is what warmed him. He had always loved to push a woman's buttons. Even better, if she could push his. No matter what he said to the contrary, he truly loved wicked, sarcastic banter with an attractive woman.

Prophecy was uncomfortable with the two men that she just met. But there was something about them that made her stop and help them, despite her head yelling at her to leave and never look back.

The one brother who was there for his wife was scary. There was no other word for it. He looked more cleaned up and pulled together, and the man obviously had some social skills to find a woman to marry him and have his baby. But Prophecy could feel that he was like a tiger, still in training… ready to go back to feral killer in the blink of an eye. A man like that was unpredictable.

The other brother, he seemed every bit as dangerous. And he was definitely not house broken. Yet, Prophecy felt different about him. She could not understand why. He was really tall, so much so that he made her feel tiny. He was gorgeous and edgy. Like the kind of man that you would want to have a hot and furious sexcapade with. His striking gray eyes, muscles and tattoos seriously added to his whole bad boy vibe. Yet, Prophecy wondered what it would be like to run her hands over every curve? Better, yet, her tongue?

Girl, you need to stop thinking that way. You don't have time for even a fling.

By the time they stopped by the cribs, she turned around and saw just where Davis had been staring. "Hey there, monkey brains, I am up here." She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

Devyn hit him again.

"I will rip your arm off if you do that again." Davis growled.

"Then stop being a dick."

Prophecy rolled her eyes. "And whose bright idea was it to make either of you a father?"

At that, they both turned on her. Devyn really had to get his anger under control fast. The trip was for Lorelai.

Prophecy at least had the good sense to take a step back. But she would not budge on the attitude. "Do you really think that violence and swearing are appropriate around young children?"

Devyn scowled, but did not answer.

"Yeah, exactly. Its best to start practicing now, before they're born."

Shaking her head at the two men, returned to the topic at hand. She explained that most people start with the furniture choice first, then bedding, and work their way down to the smaller items. Prophecy asked lots of questions and gave lots of specific suggestions.

In the end, Devyn was pretty happy with the decisions that he made. The only part that really gave him a headache was keeping Davis and Prophecy from killing each other. Prophecy had a strong feminist streak to her that seemed to just rile up Davis's need to push her buttons, and vice versa. The alpha wolf nature wouldn't allow a female to run roughshod over him.

Prophecy was appalled. "What do you mean that childcare is women's work?" As the conversation continued a another man walked toward them. Tall and well built, his brown eyes were trained on Prophecy.

"Just what I said. Women birth them. Women care for them while the men go off to fight and such. That is how it has been for all of history, with few exceptions." Davis watched the man slow down to listen to the conversation with a small shake of his head and smirk as he caught the words. He just leaned against a counter to let Prophecy handle herself and wait. A gesture that showed a level of comfort with the girl. He knew her well.

"Oh, so I suppose that if you managed to actually find a woman willing to have any kind of relationship with a chauvinist like you, and she actually got pregnant, you would what? Leave her to fend for herself?" Prophecy's voice was increasing in pitch with her indignity.

"I didn't not say that. But yes, that is the expectation that I was raised with. I wouldn't stay unless she was my wife."

"What? Where you raised by wolves? No, sorry, wolves have more family responsibility than that. I would not want to insult the wolves." Prophecy snarled. If only she knew the truth. He was a wolf. And he could sleep around all he wanted, but could only get his chosen mate pregnant. No one else. Yes, wolves had a sense of family responsibility. However, biology made sure that it only happened within their circles.

Davis chuckled at her anger. Damn, she can be fiery. And, that only whipped him up even more. However, his humor died when when she finally pulled up the last word on the subject.

"Then, I guess the world is grateful that you are so arrogant that you will always be alone." Then Prophecy stormed away to hug the new guy that walked in.

That hit Davis harder than he expected. He had always been fine being alone. That was what he was supposed to be. Those were the rules that he had to live by. He was the alpha of an elite pack. Enforcers for their kind. Always on the move. Sent places at the Council's command. Crack a few heads and shape up the local packs. The Wild Hunt were never allowed to have emotional relationships, certainly not marry or have families. It was the rule. And in their world, breaking the rules could mean torture or even death. It was all he knew.

But then the Wise Woman had a foretelling. A prophecy of an upcoming change. One that could free their kind from being enslaved by the will of others. No longer bound by curse of the moon. And that change would come in the form of a child. Born of the Wild Hunt.

Immediately, females were gathered and offered to Davis. Typically, only an alpha male would mate for the future of a pack. Yet, the match made was with his brother. His beta.

It shocked everyone.

The Council of Elders argued and discussed, yet agreed that since Davis and Devyn were identical twins of near equal strength, the ancestors had to have seen them both worthy of procreation.

There it was. His brother, found his mate.

He found a happiness that neither brother ever imagined possible given their past.

And it made Davis wonder. He wondered if he could have that kind of a life as well? Have someone to share himself with? He really was jealous of his brother.

At the beginning, Davis had even joked about trying to steal Lorelai from Devyn. The twins had a long history of stealing each others conquests. But Davis never would have acted on it, not with Lorelai. He knew that what they had was special. For the first time ever, he saw true happiness in his brother's eyes. A peace that calmed his natural anger. Lorelai was strong and nurturing. Davis would never do anything to hurt either of them.

Devyn needed someone to help him control that inner rage. The two brothers had a typical life as werewolves until the witches sided with the vampires to try to destroy their kind hundreds of years ago. Their entire pack was killed. The brothers were too young to fight against the attacks. They were captured, tortured and experimented on for years.

It was a rebellious group of witches who found a way around their limits of nature, balance and repercussions of dark magic. And when they asked the vampires to turn them, they became immortal and power hungry. They upended everything. And hoped to use wolves to further their cause.

It wasn't until the wolf rebellion over ran the vampire stronghold that they were found again. Partially out of fear, and partially out of understanding their anger, the twins were sent to the Wild Hunt. A type of rogue pack for those without a pack of their own. A pack known for barely controlled aggression. A pack used to help keep others in line.

The brothers learned how to harness their anger and rage, to control it. To fight through the ranks for every scrap of food they ate.

It had taken them years. However, they were at the top of the food chain and everyone knew it.

With a burning anger that was not easily tempered. And a wild heart that was not easily swayed toward kindness.

Yet, that was exactly what Devyn found with Lorelai. A female who recognized his nature and offered him love despite the violence behind the man. And seeing that ate at Davis. There really was a woman in the world who could love a bloodthirsty monster like Devyn. Could there be one for Davis as well?

His chest tightened at the thought of Prophecy. She was the first woman that Davis had ever met that made him wonder if there could be something more than just banter or a one night stand. She was intoxicating. And the way his body reacted to her, it was almost unnatural. He craved a taste of her. That woman really got to him and as irritated as he was, he loved every minute of it.

But damn it, he went too far.

She hated him. And she left with another man.

His inner beast was pacing in jealousy. Demanding that Davis go outside and claim the girl as his.

He sighed. There was no point. He could smell that she was not a wolf. She couldn't be his mate. And they wouldn't be in town long anyway. They were only passing through on their way to their next assignment.

It was probably for the best. He didn't want to scare her with actually letting her get to know who he really was. Hell, she never would have agreed to help them at all if she knew that they were wolves so violent that they policed their own kind and fought against immortal witches.

"I seriously wish that I was an only child now." Devyn scowled.

"Too late. And it was your fault for making me come here in the first place." Davis retorted as they left the store.