Thank you everyone who has followed my stories. I took a rather long break from updates as I wrote, re-wrote and scrambled things around even more.

At long last, I am working toward, what I am hoping is a successful merging of my story universes.

The end result is that I have written a whole new starting story.


I am going to start posting my CIRCLE OF STARS story.

Once that story has been posted as complete, I will re-post the ORDER OF THE STARS with the appropriate updates to help the stories flow into one series.

For anyone who has been following ORDER OF THE STARS and does not want to be inundated with messages of all of the new chapters being posted, I will not be offended if you remove yourselves from following the story and don't feel the need to read the updated version. Thank you very much for your support thus far.

Also, my PROPHECY FORETOLD story will be discontinued on it's current track. The story is going through some updates as well as a name change to stay with the series theme. Once I post the updated version of ORDER OF THE STARS, I will start posting my lovely wolves story under the title of FORETOLD BY THE STARS.

As always, I would love to hear from you!

I am not looking for reviews for the sake of numbers. A Private Message would be great. Any feedback at all will give me lessons to learn from.

What do you like? What didn't you like?

What made you laugh or smile or cringe in a good way. And please be very honest about the things that didn't work at all. I can't fix or learn if I don't know people hate it. Nor do I want to cut something that everyone loves. Just saying.