Multiple Masquerade

Fair lady, let us dance.
You, of dubious identity,
Join me in this prance;
We have time aplenty!

Timorous man, let's go,
Put your tremulous hand in mine.
I refuse to accept a no,
Come on, we still have time!

Young boy, you wish to try?
Alright, arise and draw nigh.
Hush, there is no need to cry,
The moon is still high!

You seem quite taciturn, girl.
Stand up, and give us a twirl?
Oh, I see, you are the one leading,
Hey, wait, what is this feeling?

Daylight spills over the skyline,
And I prudently raise your domino.
Your face, your face! It is mine!
But, how? No, it cannot- no!

Unperturbed, you offer a grin.
I step back, tears in my eyes.
I cannot believe I let you win,
Now nobody will hear my cries.