A note: This is a collection of my poems that will posted in such a way to create a story. Can you truly make a story with poems or is the story merely a poem itself? They will be posted from the earliest poem to the latest and so on. I do have to warn you, these poem contain dark and unsettling themes, mostly about my own experience with depression and such "lovely" problems. I could censor myself but that would only mute me in the process. The story won't probably make sense to you, yet it does to me, I just wish for you to enjoy them and that is all.

Other than this poem, they will all go in order. The name of the poem will usually be written in the chapter name, however I have written the poems name below with it.

Now, on with the show:


I could have been a soldier,
Born to which country I was given to, Yet made to the rights I discovered.
I could have been a banker,
Giving and taking green coloured paper As if it really means it all.
I could have been a doctor, or an officer of the law,
A criminal, a steamwork lugger.

I could have been anything and yet I was a poet,
Whether or not you behold my poems to heart-
I know I am one.

I could have been anything,
yet I refused to let my creature creativity, Stay locked in the cage of desk jobs,
heart shot guns,
burn-able paper.

So I struggled, I'm still struggling but I am still a poet,
I will be the yes, I will be the no, I will be the definite maybe!
I am a moving sphere with led lights moving on the insides,
Twisting - turning, clicking and clacking.

If I am not strong in my arms, then I am strong in my words.
If I am not dexterous in my gun then I am dexterous in my dipwell pen tip.
If I am not smart in my counting then I am smart in counting all my deathless journey paper years!
If I am not anything, I am anything in a poem

And no one can define the end or start of a sphere with randomised led lights,
That move upon the insides.