Tonight You'll Know.

I forgot to mention, so many times
before, how I never found a single
mistake in all the things you thought
were flaws.

I look back at how you talked with
your hands held to your chest, almost
too strong and shy to rip the words
like vines from your lungs.

I remember every scar, bruise and
freckle, every spot that made you frown
and play with the ends of your hair,
heavy stares at the mirror.

I question if I understood correctly
all those awkward stances on teenage
feet, your movements so sharp with
intent and fragile with fear.

I dream of all the little moments catching
your eyes, you caught on mine, brown on gold,
warmer than the sunlight painting your skin,
kissing colors to a perfect imperfection - human.

You never cared about the cold, of getting
wet with afternoon rain as we ran through
our youth with free bodies and wild tongues,
fingers dancing with the storm.

You took everything as it came, wrapped your
arms around chaos and held my hand through
your nightmares, laughing with blood on your
lips and baby soft skin, a fallen boy without wings.

You touched the world around you with rough
hands, molding it with paint stained fingertips
while longing for more than a taste, with eyes
reflecting full moons, you thought little of regrets.

You never sang to others, mumbling to yourself,
oh but what about being big, what about burning
the fear of getting older just in time to see the world
spinning, hard callouses over childhood strings.

You pushed yourself to the limit, bled innocence
from the root and nothing could ever stop you,
your height growing with your insecurity and doubt,
wondering what could go wrong, small life and big world.

We're sitting side to side, the past heavy on our
shoulders, but you laugh and hug me just like you
used to, careful of my rugged edges, and I just can't
forget to tell you all of this, gently breathing tonight's air.

I forgot to mention, so many times before, how
everything that makes you who you are is a perfect body
of contradictions, bright scars and brighter smile heaven
knows are so easy to love - how I wish some day you see it, too.