This is related to my other story, 30 Ways to Make an Angel Fall from Grace, but isn't a prompt in that and focuses on Iarilan and Rhareth.

I haven't written this detailed m/f sex that wasn't a threesome or something so some feedback would be nice!


Iarilan pressed her claws hard against the back of Rhareth's neck, shoving his head hard against his own desk. He grinned up at her, dragging his forked tongue across his lips. His single eye was dilated- the illuminated orange swallowing the single black pupil she could see.

"Someone's feisty today," Rhareth purred, pressing his hips and ass back against Iarilan's front. The strap-on she already had pressed against his bare back, the head pushing against the base of his tail.

Iarilan chuckled and drew back her grip just to grab ahold of Rhareth's tail. A moan of pleasure escaped Rhareth as pain raced up his spine as Iarilan yanked hard at his tail. She gripped tight beneath the spike of his tail hard and pressed her hand back into the back of his throat. With her other hand, she shamelessly grabbed his ass, squeezing hard.

"I guess you could say that," she hummed in reply. Her shaded pink eyes roamed over Rhareth's bare, muscular back. Red lines had been raised by her claws from where she had scratched him as he had bit and nipped into her throat just moments before. His vest had long been gone- thrown off into the corner of the room by her and her wandering, needy hands.

Iarilan slid her hand up from Rhareth's ass and across his back, her eyes greedily drinking in the way his muscles tensed under her touch; as if contorting to her will. She pressed her hand under his left wing, and watched it tremble and threaten to stretch out and flap. Using the pad of her thumb, she rolled circles onto the knobby flesh between the skin and bone, rubbing each circle in harder and harder.

Rhareth grunted, his entire body tensing further. The wing that wasn't being touched by her soft hands flared outwards, held taut and tight.

Iarilan sighed, more bell-like, tinkling chuckles escaping her as she pulled her hand back away from his left wing. She pressed her fingers instead against the top of the base of his tail, pinching and rubbing a small bit of skin. She rolled it between her fingers, pinching almost as hard as she could.

"I- Iarilan… you- you are a wicked m- mother…." Rhareth groaned as his left wing flared out like the other.

Iarilan pressed her right hand harder down against his throat, her nails pricking his skin. Instead of answering, she tilted her hips back and ground her strap-on hard against Rhareth's still clothed ass. She kicked his legs apart with one killer sharp high heel and plunged the head of the strap-on right between his legs, grinding up and hard against his hard cock, which was threatening to burst right out of his black leather pants.

"Me? Wicked? Whatever gave you that impression, my dear Rhareth?" Iarilan purred, continuously grinding against him. She leaned forwards, and her hair fell like a cool blue waterfall down her shoulders, swirling with Rhareth's unkempt and wild scarlet corkscrew locks.

A tide of gooseflesh swept across Rhareth's back. Flicking some of the hair to the side, Iarilan pressed a single sweet kiss right between Rhareth's wings.

A purr rumbled in Rhareth's chest at the tender nature of the kiss, but was cut off as Iarilan suddenly snapped upwards like a viper, digging her fangs into his shoulder; not quite hard enough to break the skin, but enough to leave an obvious mark that would match the ones scattered across her own shoulders and throat. She sucked hard at his skin, swirling her sweltering tongue. She pulled back, licking her lips to break the trail of saliva that connected her to her work.

Pants escaped Rhareth in place of purrs, and his grin had only grown wider. "Please tell me you're going to do that again," he wheezed.

"Maybe if you're good." She licked the side of Rhareth's neck, giving it a teasing nip before pulling back yet again. An irritated whine rumbled in Rhareth's chest and his hands, which gripped the opposite side of the desk, clenched down harder on the wooden edge. His tail wiggled in her grasp, and Iarilan rolled her eyes as she finally let go of his neck.

Rhareth did not move from where he was splayed out across his desk, but his tail whipped viciously in the air before wrapping around her waist, trying to pull her closer, yet having little strength to actually do so. Iarilan laughed loudly, pressing her fingers against her plump blue lips, her eyes squinting in delight. She twirled her own tip of her tail around Rhareth's tip, and freely tangled them together behind her back, binding them both together.

"Now you won't run away from me," Rhareth said, smirking up at her as he peered through heavy lids.

Iarilan snorted. "Yes. Because I am the one that would run away."

"Are you implying that I would run away? I would never run from a beautiful lady like yourself."

Iarilan tutted. "Always the gentleman. It would be smart for you to run away, perhaps." Iarilan climbed up partially onto the desk, the strap-on bending between her legs to stay between Rhareth's. She straddled his ass, pressing her hands against his shoulders as she leaned down. "You have heard of the black widow, yes? Nasty, deadly spiders that gobble up their mates." She pressed a kiss to the back of Rhareth's throat- right over the red spot where her hand had been before. "A smart spider would run," she whispered.

"But I'm no spider. And you're no black widow, my queen. You're so much more than a nasty bug. You are radiant."

A soft, pink blush tinted Iarilan's cheeks and for a moment, she found herself grasping out desperately for words. Instead of answering, she leaned to the side, pressing her hips against Rhareth's back. Cupping his smirking face, she struggled to keep her brows furrowed and her lips quirked down.

Rhareth's smirk grew at the small sparkle in her eyes.

"You should shut up," she hissed, then crashed her lips against his in a hard kiss, biting his bottom lip brutally. Iarilan shoved her tongue hard into Rhareth's mouth, stealing all his breath and smart words away. She drank down every little noise and pant and gasp that he made.

Tangling her hand in his frizzy hair, she yanked him back instead of pulling away once she was done with their violent kiss, licking her lips slowly.

Rhareth's tongue lolled out of his mouth and he dropped his head down as Iarilan let go of him.

Sliding back onto his ass, Iarilan pushed herself off Rhareth just so she could grab his hips and pull him back enough. "Enough playtime," she muttered, mainly to herself.

"I agree," Rhareth replied silkily.

Iarilan slapped his ass and pressed a hand up against his still clothed cock, rubbing mercilessly.

"I- Iarilan!" Rhareth squeaked out, his voice a few octaves higher than normal.

"If you don't wanna cum in your pants like some little boy, then you better be good. Like I told you too." Iarilan popped out the button using two fingers and edged the zipper down with a single claw. With little in the way of resistance, Rhareth's cock sprung from the little thong he always wore, nestling up against his body, straining for any sort of touch.

Iarilan circled a pad of her finger around his slit. "No precum? I'm impressed." She stroked down his long, thick shaft, taking special care to trace the thick veins carved into him. She sighed, smiling to herself before giving the cock a small, affectionate pet on the head before retrieving her hand.

"I'm not that- that weak, you know."

"Oh, I know. But you should see yourself know, my king. All spread out, trembling. Like some virgin begging for their first fuck." Iarilan ripped his pants down, exposing his ass. She pressed her finger to a beauty mark that happened to be low on the right cheek. "But isn't that what you're doing now? Begging for a fuck?"

"What can I say, my queen? I'm your whore and I take no shame in that. Make me cum as many times as you want, ride me till I pass out. Do whatever you wish with a little slut like me."

Iarilan sucked in a sharp breath, her eyes wide. Her chest heaved with her breaths. Iarilan's knees trembled and she tried her best to avoid pressing them together. Grinding her teeth together, she instead slipped her soaked thong down her legs, flinging the already twisted fabric to the side.

Claws dug into Rhareth's ass as Iarilan grabbed him with both hands. Her eyes flashed- making the strap-on she had drip with a slick substance- and parted Rhareth's cheeks with her hands, leaning the thick head of the dildo against his entrance.

"Do you even wanna be prepared, my king?" she rasped. Her shoulders trembled and her hips were already twitching, desperate to snap forwards. She did not blink once as she stared at Rhareth's face.

Rhareth grinned. "Fuck me, my queen. Like I said before; I'm your whore."

Iarilan dug her claws in hard as she finally groaned, her eyes bulging out of her skull, drool dripping down her chin as she snapped her hips forwards, thrusting right into Rhareth without a second thought.

Wood cracked beneath Rhareth's palms and he had to fight his own, already tense body not to clench around the dildo slamming into his ass, stretching him out wide- wider than it had expected. He clawed hard, his mouth stretching wide in a wordless scream. He choked on his own spit, and his wings flapped as tears pricked the corner of his eyes.

Rhareth was burning from the inside out. Nothing but pain washed his insides.

But as Iarilan pulled back, just so the tip was inside him, and slammed forwards again, that pain succumbed to the rush of pleasure that raced up his spine, and Rhareth could barely hang onto the desk as a moan was torn from him.

Iarilan grunted, still staring desperately at Rhareth's face as the contortion of pain morphed into one of pleasure. She hunched her shoulders up, then dived right in, thrusting hard and fast into him.

The toy she had chosen was textured- feeling almost like a real cock- and as she rammed into Rhareth over and over, Rhareth could feel himself already approaching his edge. Precum dribbled from the tip of his cock, and his body coiled tighter and tighter.

Rhareth did not even register the noises and pleas that spilled from his mouth, like some dirty sinner confessing their sins. Each and every word he said was lost to the wild, animalistic noise that came out after it. The words slipped past Iarilan's ears, lost before she could even decipher their meanings. However, the moans and grunts and pants and howls settled in the pit of her heated stomach, resounding inside her like a prayer.

Rhareth's slicked back tensed, his wings flapping hard as his tail curled harder around Iarilan. His head jerked back, a loud moan spilling out of his mouth along with his tongue and drool as he tightened around the dildo inside him and came hard, spraying hot white liquid against his desk.

Iarilan pressed her hands against the desk, balancing herself as she slid out of him. Rhareth's ass was a hot red. She panted softly, climbing back onto the desk besides Rhareth, rubbing his back with the palm of her hand.

Iarilan's own slicked folds rubbed against one another, making her squirm, but she tore focus from her own rising heat to instead focus on Rhareth, cupping his jaw and stroking his cheek gently.

"Rhareth? Are you alright?" she murmured, leaning in closer. Their tails were still tangled together and instead of answered, Rhareth tenderly tapped the spike of his tail against her side. He leaned his head into her palm, sighing and slumping fully onto the desk.

Iarilan bit her lip and scooted closer to him. Wrapping an arm around him, she practically pulled him into her lap, hugging him gently and continuously stroking his shoulders. She dropped her other hand to his butt, gently rubbing it as well.

Rhareth grunted, his eyes fluttering back open and squinting in delight at the simple little touches. He pressed his face against Iarilan's breasts, a small purr rumbling in his chest.

Iarilan snorted, giggling. "So you are still lucid."

"Barely." Rhareth's voice was muffled by Iarilan's breasts as he pressed his nose and mouth between them. "God, Iarilan…."

Iarilan's tinkling laugh grew and she hugged Rhareth's head close to herself, pressing her cheek atop his head. She sighed as his hand drifted across her bare thigh, rubbing small circles, slowly making its way to her inner thigh.

Iarilan scooted backwards and laid back on the desk, only her ankles dangling off the edge. She relaxed fully as Rhareth groaned and sat up slowly to slid down the length of her body. His lips never left her skin as he slowly trailed kisses down her. He gripped the strap on and with one hand, unbelted it and let it drop to the floor with a muted thud.


"Your cheeks are still flushed, my queen, and your nipples are hard." Rhareth's voice was husky. "And your knees are still trembling." He pressed a kiss right under Iarilan's navel.

Too tall to stay on the desk, Rhareth dropped onto the ground and leaned forwards, nosing Iarilan's legs open. Iarilan draped her calves over his strong shoulders, baring herself open to him.

Rhareth sighed softly, licking his lips. Cheeks flushed a deep red once again, Rhareth admired Iarilan's icy blue folds. Eyeing her plump pearl, Rhareth leaned in and gave her a single lick at first.

Iarilan sighed softly, arching up, her eyes fluttering closed as she felt Rhareth's lips close in around her pearl, sucking softly. His tongue swirled around it before running up and down the skin right below it. A louder moan escaped her, and a single lazy hand dropped down into Rhareth's hair. Iarilan's fingers tangled into his locks and she pressed him further into her.

Small, choppy chuckles escaped Rhareth's nostrils as he continued to suck. With a single hand, he prodded her folds open with his fingers, pressing his thumb against her entrance and rubbing around the circumference.

Iarilan's chest began to heave, her flush crawling up to her ears and down onto her chest. She locked her ankles around Rhareth's neck, arching up into his mouth as another moan was wrenched from her. Her heart thudded in the base of her throat, and she dug her nails into Rhareth's scalp when he gave an exceptionally hard suck.

"R- R-" Iarilan fought against the pleads bubbling in the back of her throat, choking on her on saliva.

Past her failing words, she hissed as Rhareth pulled back from her, pressing his nose into her neatly trimmed pubic hair. "You're already so wet, my queen. Why don't you come for me?"

"W- Why d- don't y- you g- give me a reason t- to come?" Iarilan shot back.

Rhareth laughed lowly at that and instead of answering, swirled his tongue around her plump pearl again. He trailed downwards, nipping and pulling at her inner folds before finally plunging his tongue into her alongside his still circling thumb.

Iarilan gasped and her legs shook. "F- Fuck! I- I'm so- so! Rhareth!" she howled, her wings flaring up behind her as she arched up off the desk. Her tail lashed back and forth.

Iarilan teetered on her edge as Rhareth plunged his tongue in and out of her several times before trailing back up to her pearl to suck hard at again. His thumb trailed alongside her folds, toying with them.

Iarilan cried out wordlessly as she suddenly came. She fell back hard against the desk, her wings falling limp along with her tail. She panted hard. Her previously bulging eyes fluttered closed.

Rhareth lapped up her juices, humming as he enjoyed the almost savory taste. Climbing back atop his desk, he scooped Iarilan into his arms and laid besides her, keeping their tails tangled. His wings were too short to be able to wrap around her, but he tried anyways.

Iarilan pressed her face up against Rhareth's neck. Her breaths still heavy, she wrapped her own arms around him.

"My queen," Rhareth purred softly, his eyes already drifting closed. "We should move upstairs before we get too comfortable."

Iarilan hummed in agreement. "In- in a moment, my king. I don't feel like moving right now."

Rhareth nuzzled between Iarilan's long horns, a soft smile caressing his face. "Of course, my queen. Whatever you wish."


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