I am different.

Around 130 years ago people began to be born with "anomalies". These anomalies are the result of mutations to the human genes. Changes in the DNA.

At first, society around the world found these to be shocking, and were, for a time, few and far in between. Religious communities wanted them dead, or at the very least, removed from the public eye and institutionalized. The scientific community saw them as sub-human, an unexpected twist of the social climate at the time, and began to pull them apart in cruel experiments, trying to figure out why they were what they were. This went on for nearly 10 years, and was a dark time for humanity, as more and more of the "genetically deviant" children were born.

Soon, people started to stand up for their children and society began to advocate for the "deviants", as they began to be called, and legislation was passed preventing the experimentation on and discrimination against the Deviants. This did not, however, completely end the experimentation. Volunteers came forward and offered themselves and their children for non-harmful forms of research, in an attempt to understand themselves better.

The next fifty years saw remarkable, rapid progress in the field, studying the DNA of the anomalies and of regular people. They discovered that it's not genetic, meaning hereditary—each mutation is as random as an allergy, and not necessarily likely to be passed along to progeny. Scientists also devised a way to test for the anomalies in-utero, in a semi-invasive procedure that required a small amount of fetal tissue, they can see the mutation on the chromosomes, but they cannot tell what it is. Some parents use this test to choose whether or not to abort their child. Most in the present day choose to keep.

Most physical changes show at birth, others begin to show with puberty.

I have a little of both.

The day that I was born though, the nurse nearly dropped me.