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It's a funny word

Speaking in public comes about as naturally to Yasmine as wearing black. She has enough trouble getting her thoughts across to one person let alone an entire wedding party of people. She isn't so much nervous as she is fully aware that her articulation and sentence structure leaves a lot to be desired when speaking in public. Therefore, she decided to write everything down word for word and practised it over and over again in front of the mirror (much like she used to practice what she would say to Ronan Keating if she ever met him in person.) The unfortunate thing is that her notes are now wet and smudged and smell like the Champagne she accidentally spilt on them after she tapped her glass and broke it all over the table.

All eyes are on her, dressed in a hot pink flapper dress and beaded headpiece. She looks down at her soggy notes and puts them to the side, knowing she is well and truly screwed now.

"Hi everyone," she says and clears her throat. "So, there has been a slight mishap with my notes so unfortunately, I have to go from the top of my head, which if you know me is a dangerous place for any information to go because there's a strong breeze up there and it all gets blown away so bear with me here. I don't really have funny stories about anyone and I wouldn't dare embarrass Arjen and Bell on their wedding day. I think Nathaniel did enough of that in his speech. Although I thought it was fascinating that Bell wanted to marry that guy from Aha who nobody remembers the name of. There's one in every boyband right? Like whats-his-face from Boyzone. There was Ronan, the guy that died, the blonde guy and then the guy everyone forgot. What's his name? Never mind. I'll google it later. The point is that. . . I am nothing but grateful for having these two in my life. Arjen was my first true friend. I've had friends before but none of them are like Arjen, who was the first to take an interest in my life and check in on me when I hurt my ankle. He has faith in me and tries to convince me that despite the fact I have a short attention span and inability to keep onto one subject for more than thirty seconds. . . we timed it more than once and the record is thirty-four seconds so can I just say 'I told you so' to Arjen while I'm up here. I should have bet him a tenner or something but I'm not good at betting. I remember losing my Betty Boop lunch box in school because I was convinced Bono lived down the road from me but my friend didn't believe me. It turned out to be just some guy who wore glasses very similar which meant I had to explain to Mum and dad that. . ."

"Coin." Arjen cuts in and Yasmine looks at him.



"I don't have a coin."

"I just mean it as a cue to get back to the point."

"Oh. . . sorry. As I was saying. . . Arjen was my first true friend and Iesobella was my second. Being part of the lives of these two has changed mine. I got the family that was always missing. I grew up with my mum and dad an only child. . ." Yasmine hears a clap from the audience and scans the room of glamorous people dressed in their 1920's finest to find her parents. They're easily spotted: her father dressed as a butler complete with a tray with wine glasses glued onto it and her mother dressed as a Tiffany lamp. The full black Lycra suit the talk of the wedding. (She did warn Bell and Arjen about inviting her parents to a themed wedding. But perhaps not warning enough.) "My childhood was easy but I had no siblings or cousins. Arjen and Bell welcomed me into their world and into their family and because of that, I have you both as the brother and sister figure I never had. I have the little sisters I never had in Monnie and Winter. I have a grandmother again in Felicity and I have my very own Mr Darcy in Nathaniel. It's a family I feel honoured to be welcomed into and I can't thank you enough for letting me be part of it. I love you both and wish you a very long and happy Fujitsu together. . ."

There are some odd looks from everyone except Nathaniel who starts clapping to get everyone started. She smiles a little at him and sits down to everyone's applause.

"Thanks Jazz. . . I think." Arjen frowns and adjusts his Panama hat. Bell gives Jazz a shove and leans towards her.

"Permission to give an equally as confusing speech at your wedding." she asks and Jazz cringes.

"I really shouldn't speak publicly on bubbles and no notes."

Bell chuckles at this as a song starts so her and Arjen stand to have their first dance as a couple. The second they leave, Nathaniel gets up and fills the empty seat next to Yasmine.

"Hi." he says, glass to lips and eyes on the newlyweds.


"So. . .do you come here often?" he asks and Yasmine hides a smile not very well. "Because you know it's customary for the best man and the bridesmaid to end up together."

"I'm already engaged to a wealthy suitor, sir. Whatever could you offer?"

"Well. . ." he stands up and puts a hand out for her. "I can slow dance really awkwardly."

"Well, why didn't you say so?" she quips back and allows herself to be pulled to the dance floor.

Yasmine's ability to slow dance is up there with wearing black and speaking in public without notes. She has the unfortunate habit of bobbing her head to the music as she dances even if there is no actual beat to the song, something Nathaniel found highly amusing as he pulled her around the dance floor.

"So. . ." he begins. "Get any tips for our wedding?" he asks and Yasmine rests her head on his shoulder.

"Well. . . I think we need flowers that aren't going to set off my hay fever and have me taking antihistamines all day."

"Good idea." he concurs.

"Definitely no theme. For obvious reasons. . ."

Nathaniel glances at Mr and Mrs Ellsworth as they make their way to the dance floor. Branson is beating off everyone asking him for a drink and Linda is knocking people and hats and her husband around with the wide lampshade on top of her head.

"Also very wise." he chuckles.

"And. . . I'm going to avoid giving a speech."

"No." Nathaniel pulls away from her. "I love your speeches."

"You're the only one."

"So! It's my wedding."

"Good point." she shrugs as they keep dancing. "You? Any ideas for the wedding."

"Yes! I think there should be one."

Yasmine laughs and there's another pause as they just dance. Each drift to their own thoughts. Nathaniel thinks about this wedding and how it will compare to his and Yasmine's. The fact he finally gets the girl. The thought makes him smile and he pulls away a little to look at her. She too has a wistful look in her eyes, glazed, perhaps from the Champagne and a small smile on her lips perhaps because she's with him. He decides to check.

"A penny for your thoughts." he asks softly and she stares at him, blinking her big browns at him.

"I was just thinking about how funny the word Epilogue is. Do you think it sounds like a robot from Starwars? I do."

Nathaniel sighs and shakes his head.

"Coin." he mutters to her before spinning her, dipping her and placing his fedora atop her head. "Besides, an epilogue is a time travelling creature from Dr Who."

"Or a medical procedure?"

"Involving?" he asks, pulling her back up.

"There should definitely be a tube somewhere."

"I really shouldn't have asked." he mutters.

"But you did." she smiles. "And what's my weird conversation is your weird conversation. And what's your whisky is my whisky because what's yours is mine and mine is yours right?"

"Right." she smiles, becoming wistful again.

"Good. Because I owe Arjen three coins already and I didn't bring my purse." she beams before kissing him, thanking him and pointing him in Arjen's direction.

She then stands at the bar with a smile on her face thinking about the Epilogue of her old life that's fading away and the Prologue of her new one beginning to be written. . . regardless of what the word Prologue actually sounds like.

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