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Note: For simplicity's sake, Rubio will be in his default appearance. And Blaze's father will be Marco unless stated otherwise.

Paralogue: The Thief from Beyond Time

Location: Underground Prison

As the Shepherds made their way to an underground prison south of the Divine Dragon Grounds, a question has been echoing within Marco's head. When the group finally made their way to the prison, he finally asked his question.

"Ok! Seriously…" He started, startling everyone, especially the children, who were confident that another one of their allies would make it back alive.

"What is it Rubio?" Sokara asked, furrowing a brow of curiosity. Unfortunately for him, he was ignored as Marco turned his attention towards the children.

"What is it with you kids, and choosing to hide in abandoned places like these?" he argued while waving his hands as if all of the Shepherd Children belonged to him and a good rant to their ears felt like it was worth to do.

Eleanore volunteered to speak up for the children. Her long shoulder length brown strands glinted under the sunlight as her Glacus armor clinked in consideration, "It's one of the best places to hide."

The other children simply nodded in agreement.

Note: Kendora will answer by default, unless Rubio married a bachelorette with a kid, and the kid has been recruited. (e.g. If Marco marries Koshka and Galen has been recruited, Galen will say Eleanore's line. If he hasn't been recruited, but Reuben has been, then Reuben will say it. If neither have been recruited, Eleanore will answer by default.)

"Best place to hide huh?" Marco repeated with a chuckle, finally relieved to see that a Delyran princess from the future slapped his words of complaints from his babbling mouth. The children nodded once more as if feeling glumed out.

"Well, explain to me then why we found each one of you knee-deep in trouble?" Rubio challenged with a stern order. His response was just silence, as the children simply looked around, while others whistled.


A young boy was rushing towards the prison. When he finally got in, he panted heavily.

"*huff* *huff* finally got away from them." The boy said in relief while sheathing back his trusty blade, Sol.

He had short, white hair with a few streaks bathed in silver with a purple bandana adorning his neck. He wore a black bustier, with a purple cloak that hung over his shoulders. Khaki brown fingerless gloves and matching armbands took his hands and wrists. A brown handkerchief wrapped around his right arm. Tight-fitting beige jeans with a red sash wrapped around like a belt with a belt pouch around his left thigh. On his feet are knee-length, brown boots.

As the boy was still catching his breath, he heard the distant yell of a woman echoing against the walls near him, so he darted behind the pillar to hide his identity from their approaching shadows.

The woman, who was apparently a Dark Flier knight and had long, flowing, dark brown hair that reached her stomach, appeared with her crew consisting of a few Thieves and Assassins, some Fighters and a few Generals and Snipers.

"Lady Lorna," An Assassin spoke, glancing around eerily at the light gray moss that covered the endless stretch of cold stone walls. "This prison is filled with loot. But, there's no sign of the boy anywhere."

Lorna simply shrugged it off with a wave of her hand. "Doesn't matter about the boy…"

She then turned to her group with a wickering smile. "All right boys. This abandoned prison is ripe for the picking. Now… Start grabbing things, and let's get out of here."

Lorna's band of mercenaries simply agreed in unison, and began scouring the place, looting anything that could be of value.

At the corner of her eye, Lorna spotted Blaze's purple cloak. Simply smirking, she added with hiss of reminder, "And while you're at it, look for the little rat who managed to escape from us as well…"

Blaze immediately emerged from the pillar, feeling enraged from the insult. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PIPSQUEAK SO SMALL, HE CAN SWIM IN A POT OF WATER YOU JERK?!"

Lorna simply chuckled and gave out a nod to signal her assassins. "There he is boys, after him!"

The thief immediately realized his mistake. "Aw, crap…"

Without hesitating, Blaze once again, darted off down the long stony hallways of the underground.


As luck would have it for the thief, the Shepherds heard his rant from a few miles away.

"Wait, that voice… could it be?" Eleanore began, the clink of armor halted the others to wonder about her curiosity.

If at least one child was recruited: (Galen takes priority.)

"Yup, there's no doubt about it…" Galen sarcastically pulled out Oathbreaker and swung it around before stabbing the ground with a sigh. "Y'll find another one wandering around Fonaxe before Sargon takes it in as a valuable piece of his army."

"There's only one person who could make a shriek that loud… especially if it's about his height…" Reuben added with a perplexed tone.

If no child was recruited or Reuben hasn't been recruited

"What do you mean?" Marco questioned hastily as a band of Sirens approached the group.

The moans, the limps, and the deadly weapons sharpened for annihilation.

"We need to get there. FAST!" Lunaria ordered, pointing Analogue Ragnarok towards an abandoned fort very well beyond from the Grounds.

"Very well then." Sokara followed after while pulling out Ragnarok and beckoned his group to follow him. "Shepherds, let's go!"

Battle commence: Rout all enemies

Blaze's recruitment

Aerin speaks to Blaze.

Aerin: Hmm, I wonder who that boy could be. I better go ask him…

Aerin approaches Blaze.

Aerin: Excuse-me, but-

Blaze: Ack! Mother, is that you?!

Aerin: Huh?! What are you talking about?

Blaze: Uh… nothing.

Aerin: Really now? Didn't you say something about mother?

Blaze: What? No.

Blaze: Actually, I did. But I must focus right now.

Aerin:… Is everything all right?

Blaze: Everything is fine. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must continue this fight.

Blaze leaves.

Aerin: That was strange. Still, I can't help the feeling that he seemed somewhat familiar to me…

Sokara speaks to Blaze

Sokara: Excuse-me, but who are you?

Blaze: ! (He just looks at Sokara, and then unsheathes his weapon.)

Sokara: Take it easy! I mean you no harm. But, I must ask on who you are.

Blaze: Very well then (Blaze sheathes his blade), I am simply a thief just trying to get rid of his pursuers. Unfortunately, I'm failing pretty badly.

Sokara: Perhaps me and my friends could help. With us on your side, you'll be able to get rid of them much easier.

Blaze: (smiles), very well then. I appreciate your help.

Blaze leaves

Sokara: Wait! Darn it, he never gave me his name.

VS. Lorna (Wields Extortion Blast tome. Drops (M) Fire cube, and a Second Seal)

Blaze Vs. Lorna

Lorna: Well, well, the little rat does show up after all. Sure saves me the effort of hunting you down.

Blaze: I told you not to call me small, you wench!

Lorna: Language now, boy…

Blaze: Ah, whatever. I'm gonna finish you. Right here, and now!

Lorna: We shall see about that…

Anyone else Vs. Lorna

"To think this would be a simple looting of a prison. Guess plans are never firm…" Lorna sighed dejectedly. "Ah whatever. The sooner I take care of you, the sooner I can get back to looting."

Lorna's Death Quote

"No. I… can't believe… I'm already close to death… and not a single piece of treasure… is coming with me…"


"Well now." Aerin began, sheathing back her Rigormortis axe, her gaze fell upon the other Shepherds as they waited for someone to break the odd silence."Glad to know that we cleared this whole mess."

Koshka nodded in agreement while flipping her staff like a martial artist. "Yup! Not only that, but we get to keep all these treasure too."

"Don't be so sure about that…" A voice greedily hissed out of nowhere.


"Sorry miss, but the treasure is mine!" The voice proclaimed, now revealing to belong to an Assassin, who then charged forward to kill Aerin.

"Not so fast, jerk!" Another voice jumped in, this time another male.

The boy suddenly charged with speed. With an upper swing of his blade, Sol's tip caught the Assassin's neck with a single hit.

"And that's that." With the assasin's limp body falling motionless to the ground, Blaze proudly smirked while swinging Sol in victory.

"Wait a second; are you not the guy from earlier?"

"Yes I am." Blaze confirmed, proud to have saved his mother from a lethal attack.

Before Aerin could get another word out, Blaze immediately spoke again.

"Sorry for interrupting on whatever you have to say, but can I just show you something first?"

"Well, if you must."

*Blaze shows his the ring that he wears around his neck like a necklace.*

"Wait a minute!" Aerin placed her right hand over her mouth in shock as she inspected the ring. "7 Rays for 1 Family" was emblazoned in Seivati across the inner rim of the ring while it glinted under the sunlight. Blaze on the other hand, just stood there, not daring to even open his mouth. "This looks just like my ring. But…"

Aerin then quickly looked at her hand, revealing that HER ring is exactly where it should be: on her right ring finger.

"… Mine is right here…" She then glanced to Blaze, who merely stood his ground and got prepared for his mother's realization.

"If my ring has another counterpart, then that means…" shock laced her voice as tears slowly seeped down from her eyes.

"Yes." Blaze calmly smiled, as if to confirm his mother's suspicions. "I am your son… from the future."

"You mean like…"

"Yes. Like Kendora…"

A voice interrupted the duo.

Turning towards the sound with curiosity, they found the Shepherds standing on the high ledge of the dragon topknots jutted from the Grounds.

"Aerin!" Sokara called out with a joyous wave.

"Aunt Koshka!" Eleanore called out as well, waving in sync with her father.

"Kendora! Over here!" Blaze called out with an excited yell.

"Wait, only one person calls me that…" Eleanore dawned her puzzled words to herself. Snapping back to reality, she replied with a higher volume, "Blaze! Is that you?!"

"Uh-huh." Blaze nodded nonchalantly. "Took you long enough too..."

Marco arrived with Sokara and Eleanore, the trio walking around the topknots to meet them on foot. Upon seeing Blaze, the dracoknight's thoughts had a few words to say.

'Wow… He IS a bit on the short side.'

Blaze shot a murderous gaze to Rubio. "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME BEING SHORT?!"

His yell echoed throughout the entire Grounds, shocking everyone present, including the red aura lines that flared through the topknots in astonishing distress.

"How the heck did he hear that?" Marco questioned in disbelief. He simply shrugged it off while blaming his amnesiac mind, "Oh, that was just in my head."

Eleanore simply chuckled nervously to get things moving along. "Well, when you're sensitive about your height, you somehow gain the ability to read any mind that thinks that…"

Lunaria finished by pushing her two pointers together.

Blaze simply glared at the brown-haired princess.

'Things have certainly become more interesting for all of us.' Sokara thought to himself as the Shepherds laughed and soon departed for Delyra at noon.

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