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Rank C, B, A & S Locktouch Support Conversation between Blaze and Male Reuben. Blaze is the son of Aerin and Gylex. Reuben is the son of The Female Avatar and Reima. (Cuz screw you! One last time, heh.)


Blaze: All right. Just a few more inches, and I'll be able to catch my prey.

Reuben: Hey Blaze.

Blaze: Almost there. Just a bit more… and…

Reuben: BLAZE!

Blaze: Gah!

*Leaf rustle sound effect*

Blaze: What in the… Reuben! What was that for?! I almost had it! I just had to get closer just a bit more. Aaagghh!

Reuben: Ok. Calm down Blaze. I just needed your help for something.

Blaze: All right. Now, what was it that you wanted so much, that you had to disrupt my stalking?

Reuben: Well, I was kinda hoping that you could… help me train, and be my sparring partner?

Blaze: To train and be your… sparring partner?

Reuben: Yeah.

Blaze: Seriously? You couldn't have asked Sokara, Eleanore or maybe your parents or even my own? Why me?

Reuben: Because, if there's someone who I know that knows how to both hit and take hits, it's you.

Blaze: 'You've GOT to be kidding me… although I AM a bit flattered by that.' Alright, fine. Now, let's get to the training field. And don't hold back. Hit me with all you've got.

Reuben: All right! And don't worry. I'll hit back so hard, you won't even know what hit you, and when the next hit will happen.

Blaze: Bring it on.


Blaze: I've got you once more. This time, I WON'T be distracted and…

Reuben: Blaze!

*Leaf rustle sound*

Blaze: Not again! What now Reuben?!

Reuben: Well, I accidentally dropped something that's important to both me and my mother.

Blaze: So?

Reuben: It's in a place rather small, so I was hoping that maybe… you'd be small enough and get it for me.

Blaze: 'Short… Did he just call me short?' Okay Reu. Ben. I'll help you find you're… little thing. Just lead… the way… 'Solaris, give me the strength not to kick his sorry little butt later...'

Reuben: Er… Blaze? Are you okay? You seem a bit paralyzed right now. What happened? Should I get Mother?

Blaze: Oh nothing. Just a random… painful… Memory… 'Solaris, PLEASE give me the strength…' Lead the way…

Reuben: All right then. It's by my tent…


Blaze: Third time's the charm. Hopefully I won't be interrupted again. Especially by Reuben…

Reuben: *Psst* Hey Blaze.

Blaze: What now Reuben? Can't you see I'm busy trying to hunt?

Reuben: I was hoping maybe this time I could help you this time in catching that rabbit.

Blaze: Wait. Really?

Reuben: Yeah. I realized what you were doing the last time I asked for your help… and I feel kinda bad that I've been pulling you away from your hunting. So I've decided that time, you require MY help.

Blaze: Okay Reuben. Hope you brought food and water, and a couple of your tactics. We've got a rabbit to catch.

Reuben: Don't worry. A good tactician is ALWAYS prepared.

Blaze: Good to know. You ready?

Reuben: Whenever you are.

Blaze: Good. Let's go.

Reuben: Onward!


Reuben: Haha! I can't believe that we finally did it.

Blaze: Yup. Not to mention that we also managed to not just catch the rabbit, but also a fully-grown, full pledged stag.

Reuben: The look on Mother and Sokara's face was rewarding.

Blaze: And I couldn't have done it without your help.

Reuben: Wait, did you just hug me, Blaze?

Blaze: D-did I? I'm sorry. I was just so happy that you've helped me. I probably shouldn't have done that.

Reuben: No, no. It's okay. I actually kinda like it.

Blaze: Wait what?

Reuben: The truth is… I never really needed your help during all those time.

Blaze: Huh?

Reuben: The only reason I wanted your help was because I wanted to spend time with you. I mean, you're always busy and away from everybody, that I feared that you've forgotten what it's like to have someone with you.

Blaze: …

Reuben: Wait, are you crying? I didn't mean.

Blaze: No Reuben. I mean... I am. It's just that nobody has ever bothered to try and befriend me. I mean, I know I like being alone all the time, but it wouldn't hurt if anyone tried to go near me from time to time.

Reuben: So, what if I spend my time with you, for the rest of our days. Would you accept it?

Blaze: Oh Reuben. I accept.

Ending: Reuben's memory never returned, but he didn't seem to miss it much and lived happily with Blaze. Later, scholars would speculate he had come from a different future than the other children.

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