She motioned her finger in a circular pattern, leaving behind a spiral glow from the light that gleamed from her fingers. She blew and the green essence reacted as if it were smoke trailing from a dying fire. Her pale, ice blue eyes narrowed in a displeased manner as she glared through her midnight black hair. The sorceress sighed to herself and lifted off the windowsill she perched on. She dusted her dark leggings and straightened the nonexistent wrinkles in her mantle that trailed behind her. She exited her empty room without a single backward glance. Lightly, she made her way through the desolate halls and down the curved staircase.

Her immense home was dark. The only light from the soft glow of candles set through out the empty castle, burned in its losing battle against the darkness. Her towering shadow cast upon the stonewalls stalked her every step as it echoed through empty halls. The surrounding walls seemed to be built from the coldest stone. And the atmosphere within her home seemed so unwelcoming. Silence was all that greeted her as she walked. She lightly trotted down the steps, the cloth around her neck floating majestically behind her. Her face was adorned with displeasure as she walked further into the open room at the bottom of the stairs. The time had come…

Quickly, she went to the giant window at the far end of the room. She thrust open the glass shutters and was immediately greeted by a cool new autumn breeze.

"Wonderful sunset today…" A voice spoke softly just behind her.

"Yes… And it shall be a night to remember." She smiled, and then turned to greet her companion.

Soft eyes of ruby red and a smile as gentle as could be. The lightest shade of yellow flowed around his light frame. His pale skin gave him an angelic appearance and he seemed to ever so slightly glow in the light of the setting sun.

"Oh yes, Kada. With out question." He replied.

"You certainly are getting bolder, stepping out just as the sun hides behind the mountain peaks." Kada smiled and ran her fingers through his pale blonde hair. She smiled softly to him, but let the mirth fade, "Are you sure you want this, Kura?" she asked him.

Morkura smiled and took caressing hand, "Yes." Her gaze was straight into his eyes of scarlet, "I long to be human again, Kadamorlyn. And now you tell me you are able to give it to me. Please, trust me when I say that this is something I desire from my heart. I long for it to beat again. I long for it to feel again. I long for it to be able to love again. I want my human heart back."

"You know the consequences of such a wish, Kura." She cautioned.

"Yes, and I know that they are outweighed by the regrets of remaining the way I am." Kura replied, getting eager now.

"I'm only making sure that you truly know what you're getting yourself into…" Kada spoke softly.

"I know…" He placed a hand on her shoulder and affectionately squeezed lightly.

"Very well then." She nodded, "It shall be done tonight."

Kadamorlyn turned toward the inside of the immense room. Kura followed her gaze. She quickly lifted her right hand and gracefully pulled it back to her torso. A tiny handful of sparks flashed as she whipped her hand, and soon after the room was lit buy a circle of candles in the center of it. All on high stands, surrounding a circular symbol painted on the ground. The natural light had already begun to fade quickly and quicker still as the night began to seep into the late day sky.

"Everything is ready?" Kura said, surprised at how ahead of the game Kada seemed to be.

"Not everything… Not just yet." She answered.

As the last bit of daylight died behind the mountain ridge, the cry of a bird rang out in the sky. The two companions turned their attention back out the window. As quick as the wind, a strong young hawk tore into the room. It called again as it circled high above head. The sorceress held out her hand and the hawk released its treasure.

"Well done, hawk." Kada smiled as the object landed in her open palm.

"…All this time you've had that bird, and yet you still haven't given it a name." Kura said, amused at the oddity.

"It doesn't need a name. At least, it won't anymore." Kada commented as she made her way to the large rune in the center of the room floor.

Kura wondered what she had meant, but paid little mind to it. He followed Kura to the painted circle, curious as to what it was her pet had brought her. He stood before her and she tossed it up in the air only to catch it again, looking at him with a mischievous smile.

"A riverbed stone?" he said with curiosity lacing his words.

It was smooth and a perfectly shaped circle. A cool shade of gray colored the plain-looking rock. Kada handed to Kura, turned away and led him to a certain spot inside the rune. As he examined it she smirked.

"Not just any riverbed stone, my beloved vampire companion…" she seemed to sing as she strolled over to the opposite side of him, "it's from the grave of the Gods."

"This? You've take a Grave Stone?" Morkura looked on in disbelief, "Wha-"

"It shall serve as a conduit." Kada answered before Kura could even begin to ask the question.

"A conduit? Why do you need a conduit all of the sudden?" he asked, becoming much more confused by the moment.

"Morkura, this isn't going to be just any other spell. This is much more powerful than the others that I've used in the past." Kada began to explain, "I'm going to be giving you your life back. You will be living, you will be breathing, feeling, beating again… This spell needs to get life in order to give it-"

"Taking life from the flow of the life stream?" Morkura interjected, trying to make sure he was catching on.

"…Yes. It's just like that." Kadamorlyn answered and continued on, "The Grave Stone is the only thing powerful enough to guide that life force into the body; yours, from where it lies now. The power of the Gods is the only power great enough to be able to transfer life between one point or host to the next. "

"I see…" Kura mused, amazed, as always about the particulars of sorcery he would always pick up from Kadamorlyn.

"Now… if you are ready." Kada said with an anxious smile about her face as she crossed her arms.

Morkura looked up at her from the stone in his hand and then over to the open window. The stars were out and covered the velvet blue sky like precious treasures always too far out of ones reach.

The night is a beautiful and amazing thing… he mused to himself as he stared out, But I long to see the sun again. I long to feel it's warmth on my skin… He glanced back to Kada and smiled, and I long to feel the warmth of love in my heart.

With a nod of his head, the spell began. Kada smiled at him and the stone lifted itself out of his hand. It hovered over to the very center of the circle. The atmosphere grew dark and the light of the candles seemed to grow stronger. Though brighter they burned, the candles could not fight the darkness that engulfed the room and could only light inches around them.

Kadamorlyn began to recite an incantation, her voice growing a more powerful tone as she continued to speak. Morkura did nothing. He only stood and watched as the process went on. Soon the candles grew dim once more and a stream of blue light began to appear and circle above head, over the rune and the two inside it. It seemed to sparkle as Kura watched it in quite amusement. Soon, as he watched the light swirl above head, he became lost in thought.

I'm getting a second chance. A life… I'll get to live again. To see the sun. I'm so anxious. Heh, it's like I'm a child about to get a gift. This is amazing… Kada is so good at what she does. And for nothing… she's giving me a life again. He mused and looked over to Kadamorlyn.

She was lost in the spell, concentrating on nothing but the incantation. Her eyes were shut and her hands held in a symbolic way before her as she spoke. Her monotone voice was hypnotizing, as it seemed to echo in his mind. He became entranced once more as he looked on at Kada.

Kada… How much I've wanted to tell you. How much I've ached inside trying to find the words to tell you how much I love you. So long have I been battered by the reality of our separate worlds; the undead… and the living. But no longer Kadamorlyn, no longer. As I take in my first living breath in centuries… oh the words that will spill from me with that single breath.

Deeper and deeper Kura buried himself in his visions of confessing his love for Kada. He fixated himself on her beautiful frame, her silken hair; he envisioned her bright ice blue eyes. Everything about her he loved so much flooded his mind. In a matter of moments, the time would come where it would all be a reality.

A flash snapped Kura back from his fantasy. He took a quick glance around him and the light blue stream of magic that floated above now circled them completely. The two were inside the circle of candles closed off by a sphere of magic haze. He turned his gaze back toward Kada but the stone entrapped his attention. The Grave Stone glowed a blinding white and when the light receded it was no longer a mere riverbed stone, but an immaculate crimson ruby, perfectly formed in the roundest cleanest cut. Though blood red the stone glowed, it was still as transparent as the whitest diamond.

"Iek Moor Aye Tou Grae Sune Hiy Foch." Kada's words began to grow very loud as the incantation came to it's end, "I beseech the power of the Dead Gods seeped into the Grave Stone destined to forever lay dormant... Give me the power of Life and Death!"

With the call of her final command, she threw her arms out, reaching to either side, and the gem complied. It began to spin before them so quickly it appeared not as a blurred gem, but a perfect sphere; a godly orb that would give Kura his hearts greatest desire. Not long after, the treasure began to dissipate from the bottom up. Slowly and cleanly it flowed into a powdered stream of red. It flowed before the two in elegant curves and twists until the gem was no more but the string of crimson.

Kura watched it in fixated amazement, but then looked up to Kada who was concentrating on the ribbon of her making. Her expression wasn't the same mischievous smirk she had before the spell had begun. Now she donned a forlorn, almost longing expression. Before Kura could say anything, Kada took in a deep breath and released it. She returned Kura's gaze then, with a light smile, but he could still see a glint of sadness in her eyes.

"Give him that which I no longer desire!" she commanded the stationary magic.

Instantly it reacted, the ribbon no longer flowed smoothly in its graceful swerves and turns, but became sharp, violent and jagged in it's course. It the quickest heartbeat, it raced toward Kura and he stiffened in shock, unknowing of what expect or what to do. Suddenly, just as quick as it came to him, it shot back towards Kadamorlyn.

But it did not circle her body. Instead it pierced her straight through the heart. A scream of unspeakable pain escaped her lungs as it impaled her. Her face was adorned in anguish as she fell to her knees. Before Kura could rush to aid his undeclared love, a similar ribbon of gold shot out from Kada's chest just above where the red had entered. The piercing stream penetrated into Kura's own heart. Frozen in this sharp pain he could barely scream out the anguish he once saw Kada feel. The suffering brought him to his knees as well.

Morkura's breathing was sharp and swift, his lungs felt constricted and could not bring in any air. He felt this light push into him and felt it flow inside his body. It was warm… Almost burning warm. His heart, his dead heart began to beat. Warmer and warmer he began to feel, and with the growing heat inside, his lungs loosened and his heart beat faster and stronger. The pain was still great at first, but then eventually subsided with the coming life he received. After a few moments, though it seemed almost forever, the light faded into him. Softly he placed a hand on his chest before his own heart and for the first time in centuries… felt it live.

He was so engrossed in his new life he became quite shocked when he heard the conduit hit the ground. Brought back to his senses, looked over to the ground before him and found the Grave Stone intact. He picked it up and examined it. It was as flawless at it was before the spell. Not a single missing grain. He shook his head in wordless amazement and looked over to see how Kadamorlyn was doing. Must to his dismay, she was not doing much of anything.

She had collapsed on the floor and laid frightfully still. On his hands and knees he quickly made his way to her side. She was on her stomach and her breath could barely be seen. Being once, an eater of death, he could smell it about her. She was leaving him, and all too quickly. Slowly and with great caution, he turned her onto her back and lifted her slightly up.

"Kada…" He whispered.

A long silence followed without a slight sign of response from his companion. He whispered her name again and combed his fingers through her midnight strands.

"Kura." She sighed quiet and weakly.

Her eyes flittered open; their once vibrant glow dulled by her impending end. Her lips now pale in comparison to the small stream of crimson that flow from their corner. Her skin was cold to Morkura's new warm touch. He did not like it.

"Morkura." She whispered a little more strongly.

"Why Kada… Why did you give me your life?" he asked her with regret ringing heavily in his words.

"Morkura." She smiled.

"WHY?" He now demanded.

"The Gods have died. The magic is fading. Our time is over." She explained, her distant smile as kind as could be.

"But it wasn't supposed to be this way." Kura pleaded.

"All magics know our time had passed. But I've no other purpose in life without magic. It's all I know Kura. And without it, why should I use a worthless life?" she continued, "I thought I should put some use to a needless life. I would give it to you Morkura. Someone who wants, needs, and deserves a life. You were always wonderful to me and I thought I would pay you back this way."

"No. It wasn't supposed to be this way." Morkura continued his cries, "Don't you see? I wanted a life so I could be with you. As a real being again, the way things are meant to be. A live human heart, real human emotion, real love Kada…. I love you."

Kada's smile faded and her eyes became narrow. She realized what she had done. Poor Kura. She had just killed him a second time. Her heart would have died then, if it had not already.

"Forgive me Morkura." She forced a smile again, "If only I had known, I would have stayed to fully return your love. But I'm afraid it's too late to rectify anything."

She took Kura's hand and placed it on her chest above her heart.

"I do love you."

Morkura's tear-ridden eyes watched as Kadamorlyn's slowly drifted shut. The grip of her hand on his lightened and she was lost. Kura said nothing but embraced Kada as tight as he possibly could, as if doing so would keep her from leaving him. After several moments of no response, he loosened his desperate hold and kissed her forehead.

"Kada…" he spoke in a solemn tone.

The cry of the hawk wracked his nerves. He glanced over to the bird as it perched on the windowsill. It chirped and cocked its head in a childish curiosity.

"Wretched beast!" Kura fumed, "This is all your doing. If you hadn't brought this Grave Stone none of this would have happened!"

He quickly gripped the stone at his side and furiously hurled it at the bird. The hawk jumped out of its path and flew away from the castle. Just then Morkura saw that the darkness was fading and stings of light began to bleed into the sky. His first sunrise in centuries, but Morkura knew he would never truly feel its warmth.