The first thing I would like to point out is that all prisons in this story are totally fictional. Without the permission of the actual prison's I feel more comfortable just writing in my own. All names are just off the top of my head so if it matches your name or anyone you know, it is all just coincidence. Also, this was put under the category of Ghostbuster's because all the ladies have a part.

Main Character List:

Lacey "Luck" Benson - Kate McKinnon Skylar "Sky" Jackson - Kristen Wiig Brooke Cortez - Lana Parrilla Jade Ortiz - Michelle Rodriguez "Bones" - Leslie Jones Consuela "Hell Cat" Trejo - Melina Perez "Crush" -Beth Phoenix

And now that you have a list of the main character's, on with the story!

Lacey Benson, better known as Luck, had moved to Dallas Texas back when she was thirteen. At that point she had met two wonderful people who were already best friends and had taken an instant liking to them. Katelyn Williams and Jake Lowerson. In her old school, Luck had been made fun of and tortured but in her new school, Katelyn and Jake always had her back. They had always done everything together and though the three never really drifted apart, Katelyn had taken up fashion. Being one of the top fashion designer's in all of Texas. People around here bought her stuff all the time, mostly for wedding's, and dress parties. She was a pro at it and to take it to a professional level was a smart move. Luck had often wondered why Katelyn had never moved to Hollywood and become a fashion designer for actor's and actresses. She was good enough.

Maybe it was because of the nearly two year romance that had blossomed between Katelyn and her boyfriend, Thomas Myers, who owned a Dallas Gourmet and was one of the best chef's Luck had ever known. She was happy for her friend in this sense. Considering, her last romance had ended extremely bad.

Jake Lowerson also had it pretty good. Although he was still single, because he was married to his job. Jake worked as a Lawyer in Dallas and made his money by getting people off the hook. He had only lost two cases out of the forty three he had, had in his seven year period. Which was pretty good. Now as for Luck? She worked at the local McDonald's and was happy with her life. She had a small apartment in the city that she could walk to work from and back. She was completely single, besides her cat Hawkins. She was totally free to do whatever she pretty well wanted to.

On this evening, however, Luck had found herself in the middle of a club scouting the area and looking for her two best friend's. Katelyn had called earlier and told her that she needed her to come to the club and meet up with her and Jake. That she had some absolute amazing news! When she had caught sight of them, Luck scooted her way through to the booth they were at and sat down beside Katelyn and across from Jake. Luck gave Jake a quick smile and had noticed his gaze was on Katelyn. His blue eyes trying to find Katelyn's greens. If Luck didn't know any better, she would say that Jake had a thing for Katelyn... Good thing she knew better?

Luck quickly looked towards Katelyn again as she slid Luck's favorite drink in front of her with a smile. "Uh oh." Luck said as she looked to Jake and then back to Katelyn, "You bought me a Funky Monkey. You have big news."

Luck pressed her lips around the straw as she kept her glance on her friend, and took a long drink of the refreshing tasting rum, smacking her lips with a satisfying 'Ahhh...' Katelyn smiled as she looked back and forth between both Luck and Jake. "Would you stop fooling around already?" Jake asked with a laugh, "What is it?"

Katelyn made a sound that Luck wasn't quite sure what it was, but it sounded happy and excited. Katelyn displayed her left hand, ring finger to the beautiful brand new diamond ring that was sitting on it. Both Luck and Jake's eyes went wide at the sight. "Tom asked me to marry him!" Katelyn exclaimed as she put her hand back down, "I am so excited! I knew he was the one. Now, I can have a future with kids. I have always wanted kids."

Luck listened to everything Katelyn was saying, not sure what to say herself but finally she wrapped her arms around Katelyn in a hug. "Congratulations!" Luck exclaimed as she held on to Katelyn a moment more before pulling back.

Katelyn smiled a toothy smile as she looked at Luck. "Thank you." She said, before looking at the dumbfounded Jake and cocking a single brow.

Jake cleared his throat and feigned a smile. "Yeah Kat." He said, having always called Katelyn that, "Congratulations."

Luck studied Jake's expression to see if he had really meant that. Katelyn ended up thanking him as well so if it was good enough for her? Then it was good enough for Luck. Katelyn had gotten them here because she wanted to celebrate with her two best friends, and she was sure knocking them back getting drunker by the second. Luck had barely touched any and Jake had only had the one at the beginning of the night that Katelyn bought. Katelyn was now to a point that she could barely stand without falling over, so Luck had helped her in to the bathroom.

They were walking back out, Katelyn's arm over Luck's shoulder so she wouldn't fall, and Katelyn had stopped walking. Luck came to a halt as well as she looked at Katelyn. "What are you doing?" Luck asked.

"You know what I think?" Katelyn asked.

"You're drunk." Luck said, "By now you could think that you created WiFi."

Katelyn gave Luck a confused look before picking up that what she had just said was a joke as she laughed awkwardly. "No." Katelyn said as she patted Luck's head, "I think that you are single. And Jake is single."

"Good observation." Luck said, "Now keep moving before you finish that sentence."

"I think," Katelyn continued on without moving as Luck loudly groaned, "That you two should work something out. I think you would make the cutest pair /and/ it would get you out of that hellish thing you call a job."

Luck groaned before removing Katelyn's arm from around her shoulder. "There you go again!" Luck exclaimed.

"What?" Katelyn asked as she now struggled to keep her balance without Luck there.

"Trying to fix me when there is nothing to fix!" Luck exclaimed, "Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I like my life just the way it is? I don't need a high paying job to know I am worth it. I don't need a man to tell me I am beautiful to know that I am. I have me, and for now? That's all I need. If I find love in the future? Then good for me. But I am definitely not looking for it, and I am /definitely/ not interested in Jake."

Luck turned to walk away as Katelyn took a step towards her with a whine. "Luck." She whined out before losing her footing, and accidentally pushing Luck straight in to another woman who was there.

Luck looked up at the woman who stood. She had her beer spilled down the front of her shirt and as she stood Luck had realized that the person was none other then, Gia Peterson. The kind of gal who hits first and asks questions later. Gia took in a deep breath as she looked down at Luck. "You made me spill my drink, hobbit!" Gia exclaimed.

Hobbit. A nickname a lot of jackasses had called Luck because of her small size. "Sorry." Luck said, trying to avoid anything violent from happening.

Apparently, Gia didn't pick up on what Luck was doing, or just didn't care, because the next thing Luck knew was she was lying on the floor having just faced a punch to the face by the over sized Gia. "What the hell?!" Katelyn exclaimed to Gia before helping Luck up.

Luck got to her feet quickly without the offered help from her friend, as she pulled her hand back and had noticed that Jake had run over when thing's had gotten violent. "Don't touch me!" Luck exclaimed to Katelyn, "Just... Leave me alone for the rest of the night. I am going home!"

Luck pushed past all the viewer's in the club and made for the front door and out in to the fresh Dallas air. Katelyn sighed as she looked at Jake. "I messed up big time." Katelyn said with a huff.

"Don't worry about it." Jake said, "I am sure, given some time and rest she will be okay." Jake decided to change the subject. And on top of that Katelyn did look a little bushed. "Want a drive home?" He asked her.

Katelyn nodded her head. "Yes." She said, "That would be perfect. Thanks."

Luck had gotten back to her home, safe and sound as she unlocked her door and walked inside. She took off her shoes and threw down her keys in the dish as she looked down at her cat who had just began to rub against her. Luck walked over him and went to her bathroom to see the damage done. Luck looked in to the mirror at the shiner and shook her head as she slowly put her finger over the area to see how swollen it was. She hissed with pain before walking back out to the kitchen and over to the fridge. She opened up the freezer and retrieved a bag of frozen pea's which she placed to her swollen area and then looked down at Hawkins again, who was rubbing against her legs and meowing.

Luck looked over to the dish she had filled just before she left that was now empty. "Pig." She said as she looked down at Hawkins who just responded with another meow.

Once Hawkins was fed, Luck made her way in to her bedroom, got in to her pajama's and laid in her bed. She had the day off work tomorrow and she planned on using it to sleep in so no setting the alarm tonight! Of course, it didn't go as planned as loud banging on her apartment door erupted through the apartment and woke the blonde at 6am. Luck groaned as she looked at the time and then flipped on to her back, running a hand through her hair. She had no doubt in her mind that it was either Katelyn there to apologize or Jake, apologizing on her behalf.

"Lacey Benson?" She heard an unfamiliar voice ring loud and clear, "Dallas Police. Open up!

Luck quickly kicked her blankets off of her and grabbed her robe as she threw it on and pulled it tight to herself. Why were the police at her door? Luck ran out of her bedroom and to her door as she unlocked it and opened it as she looked at the two officers standing there. "Can I help you?" She asked nervously, wondering if something had happened to her father, mother or little sister, Laura.

"Lacey Benson?" The officer asked as Lacey nodded her head, "You're under arrest for the murder of Katelyn Williams."

Luck just stared at the officer blankly trying to take in all the sudden information. 'Death.' 'Katelyn Williams.' 'Under arrest.' She had no idea what to say so she just came out with, "What?"