It wasn't like Luck had even given Sky a choice. She never asked. She never suggested it. She just demanded. Although, Sky would not give up this chance to actual help the quirky little blonde. And she knew Jade would have way too much fun helping out as well. Brooke, it took a little convincing but she finally came on board with it. So, Sky told Luck that after her session with Janelle today, that they would begin with the training.

Luck wished now more then ever, that her session was over in this very moment. She hated being here having to talk about feeling's, and all that. Sitting on the couch, hand cuffed to the floor and the guard's right outside the door. The past week all Luck had been feeling was hot, and angry. Depression had set in as well, and she briefly thought she was losing her mind. Luck never thought that this kind of torture would be legal anywhere's, let alone a prison. So, when a guard felt they couldn't handle a prisoner anymore they sent them to the hot box for a week, but when a parent sends their kids to their rooms for a few minutes because they need a break, it's cruel? People think up funny things.

Luck's attention was soon drawn from that and over to Janelle as the brunette cleared her throat and sat there tapping her pen against her notepad. "So," Janelle said, "The hot box for a week? How was that?"

"Wonderful." Luck responded, sarcastically, "Thought I was in Miami the whole time."

Janelle sighed as she looked at Luck over the brim of her glasses and continued to tap her pen. "Not what I meant." Janelle said, "How did you feel while you were in there?"

Luck stared at Janelle a moment. A blank expression, and Janelle wondered what she was doing. What she was doing was simple. She was trying to figure out if this woman was for real. The Government really got her a psychiatrist once a week. They took the time and money to do that, but they couldn't take the time and money to investigate Katelyn's murder properly? Luck gave a sigh as well before responding. "Hot." Luck said, "And I felt like this was very cruel and unnecessary punishment."

"How else would a guard make sure he was going to keep his prisoner's in order?" Janelle asked.

"You know, that's a funny question." Luck said, "It's funny because, no one gives Angel a hard time. Maybe one in a dozen but no one disrespects her and no one hates her. She has never had to put anyone in the hot box before."

"And why do you think that is?" Janelle asked.

"Because she doesn't treat us like murderer's." Luck responded, firmly, "She treats us like actual human being's. She doesn't judge us because she knows that isn't her job."

Janelle listened to each and every word that Luck had said, as she wrote it all down in her notepad. Luck watching as her hand moved quickly across the page and back. Wondering, what she was writing and how on earth it would effect her life. To her, Janelle was not here to help. She didn't need someone to just listen. She needed action. She did nothing wrong. She was in here because of a crime she did not commit. She truly knew that her fate rested on her families shoulders, and theirs alone.

Outside, Jade stretched out as she waited for Luck to come down to the yard. She knew her session was over about two minutes ago, so she should be here any time now. Sky watched Jade for a couple of minutes before walking over to where Jade was balancing on one foot. Sky kicked that one foot, sending Jade down to the ground and Brooke sat on the bleacher's laughing at the upset. Jade quickly got back to her feet and brushed herself off. "What was that for?!" Jade exclaimed.

"All you are doing today is observing." Sky said.

"I can't get my hands dirty?" Jade asked as Sky just shook her head, "Damn it!" Jade exclaimed before walking over and sitting down on the bleacher's next to Brooke, who lightly patted her back.

Luck had just walked out as Jade sat down and went over to Sky. "How was the session?" Sky asked.

Luck rolled her eye's, and shook her head. "Meaningless." Luck said, "As usual."

Sky folded her arms across her chest as she looked at Luck. "Well, today we aren't learning any fight moves." Sky said as Luck cocked a brow, "In a fight, being able to fight is only a quarter of the challenge. You need to know strength, speed, balance, reflexes. You have to know when to swing and when to walk. And during all of this, if I see one damn tear!? I am going to let Jade come over here, and lay you the fuck out."

Jade's pout turned in to a sinister smile as she clasped her hands together and rubbed her palms. "My fun isn't over yet." Jade said with a chuckle.

"Today." Sky continued on to Luck, "Speed and strength are going to be what we work on. They are the most valuable thing in a fight."

"I thought the most valuable would be if you can hit someone." Luck said, as Sky smacked her in the back of the head.

"You want me to train you?" Sky asked as Luck nodded her head, "Then shut up and let me train you."

The first thing Sky had Luck doing, was running around the yard in laps five times. By the third lap, Luck had slowed right down and took in some deep breaths, trying to gain back what breath she still had in her lungs. She leaned over and rested her hands on her knees just wanting to sit and have some water. "Excuse me!" Sky exclaimed, "I don't believe you are at five yet. Keep running!"

Luck groaned and grumbled as she straightened her stance, and continued to run and finish her laps. After that, Luck was doing sit up's as Sky leaned over her and counted each and every one. It had actually taken so long that Jade was leaning on Brooke. "Wake me when she is done." Jade said as she yawned.

Once her thirty sit up's were done, nearly thirty minutes later, Sky got Luck to flip over and do some push up's. She got up to five when she fell to the ground and coughed. Again feeling as if she could take no more. "What are you doing?" Sky asked, "You have so much more to do. You want to build strength? Let's go, tiny!"

"This isn't even fair!" Luck exclaimed as she raised her head and looked at Sky, "Why must I build strength? You and Jade clearly have it, but Brooke doesn't! And she is doing fine."

Brooke stood up, and walked over to Luck on the ground. She reached down with one hand and picked Luck up off the ground by the back of her shirt. "Looks can be deceiving." Brooke said before dropping Luck back down to the ground with a thud. Luck's face buried deep in to the dirt.

Sky knelt down to whisper in to Luck's ear. "Anymore questions?" Sky asked.

Luck shook her head before bringing her face up and spitting out some dirt. "No ma'am." Luck said.

"Good." Sky said, "Then we can continue."

They went on for another good three hours. Crush standing not too far off and watching the whole thing. Wondering which one of the friends she was going to grab when they least expected it and then wondered how she was going to kill them. She would have to wait of course. Wait until her plan that she has yet to make can go along with no flaws. Wait till either Jade or Brooke were alone. She wasn't going for Sky that was for damn sure! The stories she had heard on the woman made her skin crawl.

Once they were done, Luck walked in to their room, stiff and sore as she laid on Sky's bed. Sky walked in behind her as she cocked a brow. "What do you think you are doing?" Sky asked.

"Climbing in to my bed just seems like too much of a job right now." Luck said as she made only one tiny movement and her back popped. "Ow!" She exclaimed as she closed her eyes tightly.

Sky laughed out loud. She couldn't help it. This girl seemed like she was in really good shape and yet from half a day's work out she looked like she needed to be in a hospital bed. "You will be fine." Sky said as she patted Luck's leg.

Luck went totally silent as she looked at Sky. A strange new feeling coursing through her veins. Luck blinked as she slowly sat up and groaned again as she walked over to the bunk bed and tried her best to crawl on to her bunk. Sky watched as she attempted and wondered why she had even done it. Sky never told her she had to leave her bed. "Luck?" Sky asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Luck said, "Why?"

"Because I never told you, you had to leave my bed and yet you are sorely attempting to get on your own." Sky said.

"Being able to handle pain, I am sure is on your list of things to do in training so I am just starting early." Luck replied.

Sky shrugged her shoulder's slowly before walking out of the cell. "What ever you say, tiny." Sky said.

That was the second time she was called 'Tiny' by Sky today. It wasn't the worst name she could be called. Better then 'Barbie' or 'Barbie Girl.' Actually, Luck found herself quite attached to the new nickname. It took a few minute's but Luck finally crawled on to her bed and laid slowly on her back as she looked up at the ceiling and crossed her hands over her stomach. "What is happening to me?" Luck wondered out loud.