It is okay to discriminate

Because our president-elect does it

It is okay to deny access to others

Because our government is getting rid of discrimination against acts

It is okay to call others derogatory names

Because media normalizes it

It is okay to say "grab them by the pussy"

And become elected the new face of the country

It is okay to rape a woman

Because our court system doesn't want to "damage" the rapist by having them serve jail time

It is okay to cat-call

Because no one is standing up for women

It is okay to kill an unarmed black man

Because our policing system will call it "defense"

It is okay to yell "build a wall" in schools

Because they are being exposed to politics at a young age

It is okay to spread fake news

Because there isn't enough already

It is okay to be a bully

Because others are scared to stand up

It is okay to be silent

Because your voice will not be heard in times of crisis

It is okay to revert to the 60s

Because living here during 2017 wasn't already enough

It is okay to…

I could go on but the list would be too long

We live in a society that normalizes the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the undreamable. Because no one has tried to speak, and if they have they have been shot down by the residents of this country. This is not our land, it is the native's land. But we stole it, controlled it, and soiled it. We are not the land of the free, this land was built on oppression and slavery because of differences in skin and class. We are not the land of imagination, because we cannot come to change what we can, only stay the same in darkness. We are not the land of the open-minded, because we still have arguments over a trans person male/female using the bathroom of gender they identify with. This land is corrupt, ugly, and dying. And there is no way to save it but change.

Let's change.

Change for a better world for our children.

Let's live in a society where we can accept.