I rode atop my mount. This was the calm before the story. Every Zachorman from five to twenty three knew. The zikorcs were coming. My name is Sir Zachary de Zachouen. I hail from Zachouen the capital of Zachormandy. We fight with honor and courage. However most of the levies were five through fifteen. They also had pitchforks and wore little to no armor.

The more experienced were swordsmen, spearmen, archers, and yes of course knights. Such as my goodself. A war horn blew here they come I said to myself. Archers raised their bows. "Loose" shouted the archer captain. For a second they blocked out the sun. Hundreds of zikorcs were dead or wounded. Another volley followed with the same result. Still they kept coming the levies were ordered to march. The pitchforks at the front. While being supported by spearmen.

The swordsmen and knights waited in reserve. I've never gotten use to the sound of battle. In truth I'm just a builder knight. Still I'm a knight of the duchy and I will fight and die as one. A cleric was giving his blessings. Every knight kneeled some even saying their own prayers. We blew our own horn. I patted my mounts mane. "It'll be alright" I whispered in its ear. Our lances held down we charged. Swordsmen charging along with us. Even with our wounded and battle weary.

They roared and fought on our very presence inspiring. The cleric knights forbidden to take life used clubs. Breaking zikorc bones my lance tore into a zikorc. Bodies were everywhere. Scattered with other mounts and arrows. I unsheathed my sword and hacked at the enemy. Their wolf riders met us. I locked eyes with one even with my sallet down I could see the hate in his eyes. His saber hit my shield. The force of the blow vibrated my arm. We fought on blow after blow. I kicked my mount we charged at one another. He fell from his wolf dead.

The wolf no longer controlled lashed out at anyone near by. The zikorc sounded the retreat our skirmishers giving chase. The day was one however hundreds of knight and even more commoners of Zachormandy laid slain. I held onto my silver rosary. "God thank you for keeping my safe". I simply pulled up my visor and looked at the sky.