Watch their eyes turn to black

Black as tar

Tar as red as poppy petal

Poppy petal red as whore's lips

Lips that kiss the ground

Kiss where the sprout punctures the Earth

Earth as round as poppy seeds

Hear the band

Hear what they play

Twenty dollars to play the crowd

Glass jar circles round

Glass jar full of tears

Glass jar full of urine

Glass jar full of red

Glass jar full of rain

Electricity buzz in the soil

Feel vibrations from the soles

To your temple

Buzz buzz in the ear

Buzz buzz in the air

Heart beats echoes sounds bass

Heart thumps

boom boOM BOOM

Bile rises in throat

Swallow it down

Tastes like victory

Raindrops on eyelashes

Blink into tears

Everybody cries in the rain

Opera temptations

Tempt to touch

Feel the skin

From the naval to the sternum