Running running running

A River flows, like time

Time, the terror of many mortal men

And It always only moves forward, and unsurprisingly it slows for nearly no man


Time has always been my submissive servant

Using my servant, I have been both a deplorable destroyer and kind creator

Doing both, merely on a whim

Arrogantly, I entertained the idiotic idea of being eternal!

After all I believed that I was superior and sat above God and Death!

How wrong I was...

I do not currently comprehend how

However, Time created...something! Its sole purpose to slay me

So Time could be free from its servitude

It was without a doubt, the most hideous and heinous creature imaginable

It resembled a wolf

Much bigger though, at least twice a large as an average one

Like me, it posses the ability to manipulate Time

If I run, it will catch me, no matter when or where

If I fight, no matter how fierce or ferocious I am,

it could truly only slightly delay the inevitable.

All I am able to do is stare

Stare as it slowly and silently stalks towards me

I petition to God for pity

An answer of silence was only given

The Creature growls

Then pounces, baring its sharp silver fangs

I look away, too cowardly to face my deserved demise and stare at the river

Perhaps, I could find reprieve and refuge in it's waters! I glance back at The Creature now mere millimeters from my face!