I Guess Why

I guess it was when they left me, all nine of them.

I stood up for myself-only to get shot bullet holes from putting myself up

Like that

Then I couldn't ever again

And their milky textures

Boiled, boiled, and boiling

Touched my eyes and

Nothing looked the same

So I took my legs from their parties

I took and removed my tongue from their asks and proclaimities

I took a microscope and saw an iron electric fence was thinly stitched over

Their bodies

I took off the soft pelt fabric of my sleeves and transformed them into nooses

For my hands

Onee-chan, can you hear me?

God, can You hear me?

I'm doing it again

I'm standing here on the ice

And, when I look up at the so-

lar system

All I can do is lay

And shu-