Love and war,

We want more,

Blood and tears,

Men, with fears!

Guns and tanks,

Soldiers in ranks,

Innocent, little kid, lying dead, in the ditch!

And we go on till we done.

Love and war,

We want just, a little more,

Rockets and bombs,

Killing moms

I want love no war, is it God we fighting for?

Oh dear God, I forgot,


Look around,

Can you hear that sound!

Flying bombs, crying moms

It is destruction, interruption

Adolf Hitler and Mussolini,

Paris Hilton in her bikini

Saddam Hussein,

H e was insane and all the wars,

They still remain.

What did we learn from the past!

Adolf Hitler he had a blast.

Six million Jews,

He did his best and we, go on,