The fort of sand you've painstakingly constructed comes crumbling down
Washed by a bucketful of sea water tossed by yet another person to tell you your dreams are made of too flimsy a material to every materialise
Don't you know that destruction and formation can be the same thing
The collapse of a nebula births stars

So take the water to build a boat
Drown out the armies storming your castle, with their spears of sharp criticism and fiery balls of disparaging judgment
Let the fire consume the mines of self-doubt they have planted in your courtyard and spit out sparks of gritty hope
For the phoenix bursts into flames only to be reborn from the ashes

And your sandcastle will stand erect once more, just out of reach of the receding tides
Still, with no promise of forever
As the blue gives way to the blush of roses and tangerines, look out into the horizon
The sun must set to rise again