Captivated in Vegas

By: John Enverga

Author's note: Characters taken from my previous (draft) story, Captivated. Rated T for some suggestive themes and humor.

Chapter 1: The Invitation

One April Day...

It was the third time Felipe watched this particular video on YouTube today. Yet after all those repeated viewings he was not tired of it. The young Filipino-American had put the name "Serena Atkins" in the website's search bar, then clicked on the thumbnail showing the woman with very long blonde locks. Felipe watched with wide eyes and mouth agape as the video played. There was the coveted Serena Atkins singing and hitting the right notes. Her knee-length golden hair swayed and twirled as she canted the catchy song.

"Man, she's so perfect..." Felipe thought as he watched the video.

As the music video came to a close, a thought invaded his mind. "She looks great, but I bet there's with her. No one is that perfect for me."

It was true, according to his pessimistic mind. All the women that Felipe fantasized over had something he couldn't handle. There was always something, even trivial, that Felipe docked "points" from their desirability.

Take for example, the talented actress Ashley Lee. She is lovely brunette who had long hair – although not quite as long as Serena's – Felipe's type of girl. He recently had a crush on this particular actress, even watching a movie she starred in 3 times in one week. It was quite an obsession, until one day when he was watching "Access Hollywood" and saw a segment featuring Ashley. In the interview, she talked about her life, and bragged about her two dobermans. After hearing about her her canine companions, Felipe began to lose interest in the actress. Yes, trivial as it may sound, Felipe is easily bothered by things like that.

She wasn't only actress or celebrity that Felipe was attracted to before losing interest for some simple reason. There was a long line of crushes that Felipe had such that they couldn't be counted with both your hands and feet. Thus, pessimisism always followed Felipe everytime he saw a hot girl. Yes, Serena indeed had the looks, but he kept the mindset that there must be something wrong with her.

"Felipe! Come down!" Felipe's mom yelled from downstairs.

"I'm coming, Mom!" he shouted back. Felipe immediately closed his web browser and rushed downstairs to attend to her.

"You have a letter from you cousin, Annette!" Felipe's mom said. "I wonder what it is?"

"I'll open it," Felipe answered as his mom gave him the envelope. He examined the envelope and saw floral patterns and designs on it.

Before Felipe would open the letter, he noticed his mom was watching "Access Hollywood" on the kitchen TV. As the opening jingle of the show played, he focused his attention on the screen.

"Today on Access Hollywood...we have the lovely songstress Serena Atkins! We'll watch as Serena will let down her hair and show us her extravagant castle – ahem, house – in Beverly Hills!"

"Oh great," Felipe thought. "A perfect opportunity to find out why she's not my ideal girl." He became hesitant to watch the show and wanted to rush back upstairs to avoid tarnishing his image of her.

But Felipe was still interested in watching...after all, he would be able to see Serena and all her eye candy!

"What's wrong?" Felipe's mom asked. "Aren't you gonna open your letter?"

Felipe snapped out of his short trance, remembering the envelope in his hand. "Oh yeah." His mother noticed him looking at the screen and turned to the source of his attention – Serena in all her glory. "She has really long hair, like Rapunzel. I bet you like her..."

"Mom, you know me!" Felipe replied, blushing a little. He opened the floral printed envelope and skimmed through the enclosed card.

"You are cordially invited to witness the wedding of Natalie Garner and Richard Williams," the title read. It had a picture of the lovely couple locked in a romantic embrace beneath it. The date shown was about a month from today. The ceremony would be at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Sweet!" Felipe remarked. "A wedding in Vegas!" He loved Las Vegas and his parents knew that as well.

Felipe saw a handwritten note at the bottom of the invitation card. "Hey Felipe! You're a great cousin! Thanks for inviting me to your birthday! I'd like to repay the favor by inviting you to my friend's wedding! Come with us and party! Love, your cousin Annette!"

"Vegas..." Felipe wondered aloud. "Are we going to go, Mom?"

His mom smiled, but said, "Felipe, I know you like Vegas, but as your dad said, we're trying to save our money. So it's doubtful."

Felipe expected this answer. All he could do was shrug."Aww...okay."

He turned his attention back to the TV screen as the segment on Serena and her house started. She was shown in front of her home's front door, waving. "Welcome Access Hollywood to my humble abode!" Serena chirped while smiling at the camera. "C'mon in guys!" She gestured towards the audience before turning and opening the door. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back, reaching the knees.

A spacious and lavishly decorated room greeted the viewers. "So this is the living room. I haven't told anyone this, but I'm such a geek! I love video games!" Serena pointed at a TV where many game consoles were hooked up.

"Wow, cool! She's a fan of video games!" Felipe thought to himself. "That's very interesting."

After showing the orderly and tidy kitchen, Serena then went upstairs and showed the audience her two bathrooms. Everything was exquisitely designed and Serena kept prattling on about every single detail, from the mirrors to the candles to the shower curtain. Nothing too bad though, Felipe thought.

Next, Serena showed her bedroom. As with everything in the house, it was decorated beautifully. A king sized bed was at the center of the room. "This is where me and my hubby Brian do our playtime!" she teased with a wink to the camera.

"Yeah, I figured she'd be hitched..." Felipe thought. "Oh well." Felipe expected this and wasn't too disappointed, though.

"Let me show you guys the huge movie collection we have!" Serena continued. She pointed to a shelf near an HD TV where many DVDs and Blu-Rays were placed. "Me and Brian love movies!"

"She's a movie buff, that's nice." Felipe continued his study of Serena.

"And check out my collectibles! Plush animals, figurines, props, you name it, I have it!"

"Nice! She's a toy collector like I am!"

Serena then went outside of the house and showed the viewers her tennis court and pool. "This is where I do my exercise." She then showed her garden which had numerous types of flowers. "I love to garden in my spare time as well."

The segment ended with Serena happily saying goodbye to "Access Hollywood". Felipe made a mental checklist of his crush. Everything was great, even though she was married. But even the fact Serena was hitched didn't really reduce Felipe's interest in her. Thus, he continued to be infatuated with Serena Atkins and her lovely long hair.

Felipe went to the living room and set down the invitation to Richard and Natalie's wedding on the table. Although his mom hinted that they may not go to Vegas next month for the wedding, he was still hopeful that his parents might change their mind.