Captivated in Vegas

By: John Enverga

Chapter 5: Dancing

Felipe and Serena soon arrived at the Cosmopolitan Hotel after a brief walk on a bridge over the busy Las Vegas Boulevard. As they approached the nightclub that Felipe had been earlier, Serena suddenly paused in her tracks.

"Hey Felipe," she began. "I'm not on the guest you think they'll let me inside with you? Do you think they'll let me cut the line?"

"Are you kidding?" Felipe replied, laughing. "You're both a celebrity and a pretty girl. I'm sure that they'll let you in, even without me."

They approached the bouncer, and Felipe showed him the stamp on his hand which proved he had already paid his way. Felipe then gestured toward Serena and explained, "She's with me."

The bouncer stared briefly at Serena before saying to her, "I need to see an ID."

Serena nodded. She pulled out an ID card from her purse and handed it to the bouncer. The bouncer checked the ID and glanced at her once more with a discerning stare. He gave Serena back her ID and then nodded. "Alright, you guys can go in."

"Thanks, buddy," Felipe said to the bouncer. "Yeah, thanks," Serena also said to him as he opened the door to let the pair in.

The party inside was even more crowded than when Felipe had left it earlier that night. People were dancing like crazy to the booming music. Everybody seemed happy and most were drunk. Felipe and Serena slowly made their way through the crowd, as Felipe looked for any signs of Annette, Natalie, Richard, or their friends.

"Felipe! That's some nice babe you got there, mate!"

Felipe and Serena turned in the direction of the voice and they saw the British guy Tom, dancing with a long-haired brunette chick. "Tom! Hey man!" Felipe replied, smiling.

"Heh heh! Welcome back!" Tom said, giving Felipe a high five. He then gestured to the girl dancing with him. "Isn't this babe gorgeous?" The girl faced Felipe and Serena, smiled, and waved.

Felipe nodded. "Yeah dude!" he remarked as he and Serena smiled back. "Um, Tom?" Felipe continued. "This is Serena. Serena, this is Tom."

Serena greeted him with a "Hi" and smiled. Tom answered jokingly, "Hi babe! How's your new boyfriend? Is he treatin' ya well?"

Serena giggled before saying, "Oh...he's not my boyfriend. I'm married already. Me and Felipe are just friends." Felipe nodded in agreement.

"Oh, I see," Tom replied. He gestured toward his female friend and continued, "Friends, this here is Louise. She's from France."

"Hi," Felipe greeted as he shook Louise's hand, and she smiled and said "Hi" in return. "I'm Felipe and this is Serena."

"Felipe's no typical American, so he won't bite!" Tom quipped. The four of them all laughed.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Tom asked Felipe and Serena. "Dance, you two!"

Felipe nodded and turned toward Serena. "Wanna dance?" he asked her?

Serena paused, and then nodded. "Let's go for it!"

Felipe began to step side-to-side; this was his trademark "warmup dance". He then began to swing his arms around wildly. Serena couldn't help but giggle considering how awkward he was, but she also mimicked what Felipe was doing. Soon Felipe and Serena were both going wild, doing all sorts of crazy dance moves. People around them eventually took notice of the pair. Some giggled, others whipped out their smartphones to take pictures, and others cheered them on.

"Felipe! Serena! Rock on you two!" Tom yelled and he and Louise cheered them on.

Felipe offered his hand to Serena and they began dancing while holding hands. They both felt a surge of adrenaline as they moved their bodies and the attention was on them.

Time flew fast as Felipe, Serena, Tom, and Louise danced the night away. Later that night, Felipe looked at his watch. It was 2 am and he was getting really tired. Felipe could see that Serena was also getting tired. Tom and Louise had already stopped dancing a a half hour ago and now they were talking by the nightclub's bar and drinking shots. Felipe also noticed that all this time, he couldn't find Annette or the bridal party in the nightclub since he arrived with Serena.

"Damn, look at the time," Felipe said to Serena. " It's 2 am. I'm tired. I gotta get some shut-eye."

Serena nodded. "Yeah...I think I need to head back too. I don't want Brian to be worried."

"Yeah." They both yawned in unison.

"You're staying at the Cosmopolitan, right?" Felipe asked. "I can accompany you back to your suite if you want."

"Sure, that would be nice," Serena responded.

So Felipe and Serena said bye to Tom and Louise, but not before exchanging contact info. They stepped out of the nightclub and walked through the lobby to the elevators. They took an elevator to the floor where Serena's suite was. As they made their way to the suite, Felipe and Serena were conversing.

"Hey Felipe," Serena said. "I'm glad we hung out tonight. I had a lot of fun. Thank you."

Felipe laughed. "So did I. Thanks to you, too! I enjoyed it as well." He paused before continuing, "Maybe we should hang out again tomorrow?"

Serena pondered for a moment before responding, "Sure, that would be great."

"Okay!" Felipe replied. "Yes!" Felipe thought to himself. Hearing that he could hang out with Serena again was music to his ears.

Felipe and Serena arrived at the door to her suite. As she got out a card key from her purse, she said, "Felipe, thanks again. Enjoy the rest of your night. See you tomorrow."

"You too!" Felipe said as Serena waved to him and he waved back. As she went in the suite, Felipe took time to admire her golden knee-length hair flowing behind her before the door closed.

Felipe went back to the elevator to go to the floor where his own room was. Along the way he revisited the busy night he had in his mind. "Imagine that!" he thought. The girl of his dreams actually acknowledged him! Not only that, she offered to hand out with him and the possibility was there that they could hang out tomorrow! He was filled with happiness and felt lucky to have this happen to him. His giddiness continued even as he entered his room, changed into his night clothes, and went to bed.

When Serena arrived at her suite, she noticed Brian was already fast asleep on their bed. He was still in his street clothes, drool coming out of his mouth, and was snoring up a storm. Serena smiled as she concluded that her husband had a busy day at work. She changed into her night clothes and laid down in bed with Brian in order to get some sleep after a long night.