Sin City

Quick, hit the brakes!
God damn it;
There's no time for aches,
Let me show you this place!

So sorry for our awkward start,
Wow, huh, that sure smarts.
But hey, no time for laments,
Let's go meet the miscreants!

Alright, so our first stop is,
Our good old friend Choler.
"Mum, you're taking the piss!"
We can hear him holler.

And here lives his neighbour,
A cutie called Lethargy.
She has no time for any labour,
But at least she works on Sunday!

And behind their dirty houses,
In a candlelit backstreet,
You see two unchaste faces;
Prurience is who we're here to meet.
Oh, and did you realise,
It's with our dear Choler's wife,
That Lust likes to fetishise?

But that really isn't important,
Not when Avarice purloins,
A hefty stack of golden coins.
To whom they belonged is irrelevant,
As now they have a new owner,
And of all she is possessor.

Oh, and here's a charming fellow,
Whose head is condemned to the gallows.
Watch him devour more and more,
Taking from both rich and poor.
And so he will never stop acting sinfully,
Our foolish old Gluttony.

This stop's a little different,
So please bear with me.
The others were quite impertinent,
So let's have a cup of tea,
With our old friend Envy.
Just remember not to believe,
Any word that they dare say.
They have many a trick up their sleeve,
And there's no exception, even on this day.

Now, now, where to go,
Where to move this show?
Ah, I have a clever proposition,
Let's go to my very own,
Humble home!

I must warn you before we enter,
Inside is a great disorder.
Kind of like myself, actually.
Whatever, after me!

See, my home is rather splendid,
You can spy Envy at my window,
And Sin at my every door.
And under my bed,
Lucifer snores.

Welcome to Sin City,
My name is Vanity.
And oh do I have sin to provide,
For my name is Pride!

Welcome to Sin City,
It's all you've got.
Welcome to Sin City,
This is your final stop.