Author's Note: Hello Readers! This particulur story is set in the same universe as Magica Academy, and will build the world from the perspective of another Caster. I hope this short sets a good first impression! Reviews are appreciated Now let's get started!


During the war between Casters and Sorcerers, there were two rival tribes. The Light Tribe helped the Casters defend their home, while the Shadow Tribe responded by siding with the Sorcerers.

On the field of battle, the chieftains faced each other in a duel to the death. They called upon the sacred weapons of their ancestors, and their fight began.

It was chief of the Light Tribe who eventually won. The Shadow Tribe was no longer a threat.

With the war over and the land peaceful, the Light Tribe began to celebrate their victory. Then the goddess Gaia came down, and delivered grave news.

She forsaw the return of darkness, and warned them that the end would come. But she shared a bit of hope.

An institution called Magica Academy was created, and it would prepare young Casters for the coming dark.

However, the goddess needed a collateral in case it fell.

So she conjured a pedestal in the center of the village, along with a sword. She drove the weapon into the slab of stone, and declared that a girl of the tribe's descent who turned sixteen would be the warrior who would help save the world.

That sword would be hers, and she would be tasked with gathering the sacred weapons of the chiefs, which would be scattered around the world. And with that, she disappeared.

Since then, the tribe has made it their tradition to have girls touch the sword on their sixteenth birthday, with the hopes that one of them would be the goddess's champion.


Glimpse of the Future

Shira was stumbling through a field, with shouts echoing from behind her. Flames were back there as well.

A blackened tree with crooked branches towered over her, and she was trying to reach its base.

Then a fireball came from the side and hit the ground with an explosve force. Shira screamed as she flew back and slid along the ground.

She sat up in a daze as a man in black robes approached her, aiming another fireball at her face.

"You should not have come here!" He raised it high.

"Shira!" A familiar voice cried.

The man turned around and shouted in alarm as he was shot in the face with an icy bullet. He clutched his face and ran away as more shots came for him.

Shira turned to their source, and saw her best friend running toward her.

She wore her usual brown jacket, which was over a black shirt, and a pair of camo shorts. Her black hair was in a braid that went over her shoulder, and a green beret was placed on her head. She had clips of varying colors on her hip, and a pistol was in her hand. Her clothes were a little dirty, and her face was also covered in soot, but she looked fine.

"Valery." Shira croaked.

"You'll be alright." Valery assured her with a grin. "Just don't scare me like that again. I don't what I would do without you."

This made Shira a bit warmer, despite the chilly air. "I..."


They turned to see a girl with pale blonde hair that split into pig tails. She wore a tank top and short shorts, and had gold bangles around her wrists. A pair of long, silver knives etched with symbols were in her hands.

"We have a job to do." She scolded. "We don't need delays like this."

"Right." Shira nodded, getting to her feet. "I hope you have my back."

Valery chuckled and threw an arm around her. "Do you really have to ask?"

"We're with you all the way." The girl agreed.

"Thank you..." Shira smiled, and held out her hand. "Let's go!"

There was a flash of light as a sword appeared in her hand.