Eliezer attended the alternate studies seminar mostly to get out of class. Several tables were set up in the school gym with presenters available to offer their take on a variety of off-beat subjects. He noticed a woman standing behind one table with some sort of white fur-balled yip yip dog in her arms. Eli was surprised they let the woman inside the school with the dog. She looked to be in her early sixties, some sort of ex-hippie flower power type wearing a maxi dress and a large straw sun hat on her head, even though she was inside. Her hair was either bleached white blond or gray white (it was hard to tell which).

"I'm Kate," the woman announced when she noticed Eli gawking at her.

"Nice to meet you," Eli replied politely, though he had no interest in the subject she was representing – the table had a sign reading "Dreamscape" on it. "I'm Eli."

"This is Henry," Kate said, kissing the little dog on its head.

Eli nodded but suddenly felt awkward talking to the lady. He was about to make his escape when Angela Pettigrass stepped up to the table and glanced at some of the pamphlets on the table. God she was beautiful. Eli had admired her from afar for years but a girl like her didn't even notice him.

"Hello," Kate said. "What's your name?"

"Angela," the girl replied, her voice music to Eli's ears.

"You interested in dreams?" Kate asked.

"I have a reoccurring dream about my dog dying," Angela sighed.

"He's old?" Kate asked.

"We got him when I was four," Angela said warmly. "I'm seventeen now."

"I had a dream like that once," Eli volunteered, amazed that he had was speaking up in front of Angela since he was usually shy around girls.

"Dreams are often connected by some unknown process in the dream state," Kate told htem. "They could be connected in a quantum level of reality, or spiritually, or even karma."

"Maybe it was just coincidence," Angela said, not even looking at Eli as she continued to explore the table.

"Freud maintained that all problems have a sexual basis whereas Jung used the term 'psychic energy'", Kate continued "I believe there is a single 'life force' that manifests itself in various different frequency vibration levels and that we all have a personal unconscious that contains all our own past memories as well as a collective unconscious that contains group memories that exist at some deep level and unconsciously governs human behavior, thoughts and fantasies since 90% of our psyche is under the surface and consciousness is only 10%."

Eli had no idea what the woman had just said!

Kate stepped out from behind the table and stood between the two students. "I sense that the two of you share a deep connection that might not be realized in your waking life but there might be something that is picked up by the subconscious – specifically your dreams - that could be transmitted to the other," she said.

"We don't even know each other," Angela said, finally looking at Eli.

"That doesn't matter," Kate replied knowingly. "You may share the same feelings and thoughts and connections just same."

"That doesn't sound very plausible to me," Angela said, much to Eli's disappointment.

"You might have a mysterious psychic link that could result in similar dreams," Kate said. "Mix in a little wishful thinking and similar dreams become the same dream. You never know."

Kate set Henry on the floor for a moment and she put one hand on Angela's shoulder and her other hand on Eli's shoulder. "I sense two people here who may have a lot more in common with one another than they think," she smiled.

"In your dreams," Angela said jokingly,

"Usually," Kate grinned. "Exactly!"

Angela gave Kate a funny look. "I gotta go," she said, feeling uncomfortable with the entire conversation.

Eli sighed as he watched Angela disappear in the crowd.

"I think you upset her," Eli observed.

"Do you like her?" Kate wondered.

"I don't know her," Eli admitted sadly.

"But you think she's pretty," Kate determined.

Eli felt like he was talking to a therapist. "Girls like her don't even know guys like me exist," he sighed.

"Don't worry," Kate said warmly. "That's about to change. Sweet dreams, Eli."

Eli squinted at her with confused uncertainty as she picked up Henry and returned to the other side of the table. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable and weird, Eli drifted away from Kate's table, glancing around the gym to see if Angela was still in the area.

Alas, she had disappeared and Eli was left feeling sad and lonely as usual. He thought about Angela's old dog and he hoped he was going to be okay.

(A/N: Kate also appears in A Boy Named Sue and Wishing Well)