The Truth About Friendship Bracelets

As I listened to a song

That made tears come to my eyes

I looked through my childhood memories

And saw it true for the first time

A bracelet given years ago

By a faux friend in times of need

To ward off evil she said then

But evil still came to me

Maybe there's no protection from evil

If evil comes from who gave defense

Or maybe the bracelet was simply fake

As fake as my childhood best friend

I lifted it up against the moonlight

Tried to see through its plastic outside

The northern downpour in my eyes

The moon did fall down that night

The blue and silver beads on the string

Old heartbreak that would never leave

Burned my soul while as cold as ice

Yet, it was already gone, my grief

I steeled myself, for what could happen?

The bracelet owned me no more

Snap, the scissors went, and then

The beads spilled all over my floor