I could praise God,

The Holy Spirit, and the Son.

I could sing my thanks

And sleep once I'm done.

But today, I just want to say

That God is true.

He is all good, all powerful,

And He is as vibrant as all the color hues.

But who cares about the facts?

Let's sing something new.

Let us give praise for not what God has done,

But what He is about to do.

Rise up and sing my fellow brothers,

The King will come back.

Sing out my fellow sisters,

Our God is All good and nothing is to lack

Except sin.

We will live and tread

With the God who created us

And for us, He bled.

Do not place Light on the sun,

Give it to the dark.

For we deserve it not, but we can all

Be in God's presence and that's a journey to embark.

We will live for Him.

We will die for Him.

We will bow for Him.

We will love only Him.

We will be free.

We will know Him.

We will be free.

We will know Him.