hello everyone,

this is I am sorry to say is not a chapter, I will not be updating for a while if ever again.

I can't take the pressure or the judgment I am at the business end of in my everyday life. any of you I know in real life, ( you know who you are) have probably seen (and ignored) the signs of my discomfort around questions and criticism about my writing now many of you will think that this is fine, criticism is good for you! I hear you cry, questions show a genuine interest in your hobbies! your just being a sensitive. well that's not it.

its not helpful, constructive criticism nor a genuine interest, it is belittling and it is hostile at worst, it is an effort to get to me and to alienate. I know some of it is cringe and some of it is bad, but you don't have to read it! it is my journey through creative writing albeit full of cringe and awful moments , none of you will let me explain myself and as someone who is used to this kind of treatment I could weather the storm and wait for it to die down, but I am not going to spend weeks or even months am abject misery. so this is it.

time for my writing to go to the big archive of unseen/cringe writing in the sky.

goodbye CC HELL for the last time.

PS I might just change me user name or crate a new account, but that is as likely as Shakespeare siting in my living room eating my homemade Victoria sponge and drinking tea.