What if those we call evil hold wisdom's final spark?
Nature's final weapon, the bringer of all that is dark.
Darkness is needed, if light is to please,
Constant exposure to pleasure creates a false sense of ease.
When nothing is done, energy falls
Darkness consumes and panic calls.

If you call it conspiracy, none think it could be true.
So they listen and learn only from you.
You get to tell them the truth of your lies.
Exactly how many may live, while all others die.

Stupidity is rampant, so many say.
Everyone's convinced, none will say 'nay'.
It this is true, how many will face it and admit,
That they are the one who possess no wit.

Red means stop.
Red means danger.
Even nature lets hints drop
About being wary of things that are stranger.
Than what you are used to, be it con, crime, or crop.
If no one listens, looks, or sees,
Everything blows away on the breeze.