Snow silently covered the ground where a collection of pointed buildings stood. They were circular in shape with pointed, decorated roofs. It was a quiet day as people ran across the open fields that laid between the buildings. It was a school of sorts for people of all ages.

Suddenly a blue light flashed across the school and blue fire engulfed the buildings as they began to fall apart. People of all ages were suddenly screaming and running as they tried to get away from the destruction frantically.

In the center of the school was a barren circle. Not even the snow remained at the center of it there was four people. Three of them stood within a light blue bubble with expressions of shock on their faces as they looked around them. The forth stood in the exact center of the circle. He was a short and slender man. His icy blue eyes were wide with fear and his snow white hair flew wildly around his face in an unnatural wind. He looked helplessly at his hands as he fell to his knees.

"Why...", he silently asked in despair.

Inside of a large room filled with various pieces of technology a large group of people were working hard on gadgets that sat before them. One of these people was a young girl with her black hair tied back away from her face. Her tall body was slumped over her table as she rested her head gently on her hands. She sighed and looked at the mess of materials and papers with her deep purple eyes.

Then she sat up and pressed a button on a black bag that laid on the desk. The bag opened up and little mechanical hands came out and started to gather the items on the table and placed them into the bag. Once that was done, the girl, named Dawn, picked up her bag and headed out. She waved at a couple of people still working as she left the building and entered the city.

The city was busy. It was wide and had many levels to it that laid horizontal to the ground level. Small circular lifts picked people up from the different levels and moved them up and down to new levels. Car-like vehicles zoomed across the sky quickly. Dawn waited at a lift stop until one of the purple circular devices showed up. She hopped on it with a few other people. Purple walls rose from the bottom of the lift and surround the group on top of it. Then it gently glided downward to the lower levels. Once it reached the lowest level, Dawn got off.

Then, she walked into the purple and gray building that stood in front of her. She waved at the older man that stood behind a large desk. He nodded at her as she walked on to another circular device. This one transported her to a whole different room. She looked around at her house and sighed. She threw herself on the navy sofa and looked blankly up at the ceiling above her. She was an inventor and engineer. Or at least that's what she tried to be. But lately she couldn't come up with any ideas.

"What I am suppose to do? Everything worth creating is already created", she sighed to herself in disappointment.

The night was clear with only a few stars lighting the sky. The air was cool and a gentle breeze blew through the city. There were people walking quickly to many unknown destinations and cars racing along the streets a bit faster than they should. Among the chaos of the city two people stood still on a park bridge overlooking a small pond.

"Tonight was magical", a girl said softly. Her hair was black and her skin was pale. She smiled kindly at the boy that stood next to her.

In contrast, the boy had dark brown hair and tan skin. His green eyes watched his beautiful companion as she turned back to the water. "I'm glad you think so, Amaire", he said. He then gently grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him. Both of them smiled brightly as they embraced. A sweet kiss later, they broke apart and stared into the water again.

After sometime the boy, Nathan, sighed. It was getting pretty late and he knew they had to return to their homes. He turned to look at his Amaire when he noticed her staring at the small playground in the park. He turned his attention to the wooden swing set. There was a young boy sitting on one of the swings. Nathan quickly looked around, but he say nobody else around. Is this kid by himself, he questioned himself. Amaire must have noticed the same thing, because she walked over the the kid. Nathan quickly followed.

"Hello there," Amaire greeted the child, who was dressed in a black sweater with a hood over his head. He didn't say anything back to her, so Amaire continued. "Are you out here by yourself?" The child nodded. "Where are your parents?" Amaire asked kneeling down.

The child looked up at her slightly. "Miss? Can you help me find my home?" he asked quietly.

Amaire smiled at him and stood up. "Hey Nathan," she said, turning to her boyfriend, "why don't you head home. I can help this kid get home."

"Nah, we can do it together. It's getting kinda dark out here", Nathan responded looking at the darkening sky.

Amaire shook her head. "No, you have a lot to do tomorrow and should really get some sleep. I won't be out too late, the police station is on my way home." She smiled at him with her perfect smile, so Nathan nodded. With that she took the child's hand and walked away. Nathan turned the opposite direction toward his own house. He smiled to himself, how did he get so lucky to have Amaire in his life?

Then his heart stopped. He heard a loud clear scream from behind him, from the direction Amaire and that kid went. Quickly he turned around and ran. "Amaire!", he screamed as he ran along the street toward her house. He searched frantically for her along the main road and inside the side roads and allies, but couldn't find her. Thirty minutes past and he still couldn't find his girlfriend anywhere.

"Where are you, Amaire!?", he shouted feeling panic erupting inside of him. Then, a bright light appeared before him. A young woman with silver hair stood within it reaching her hand out towards him.

"Come with me child. I can help you."


I know it jumps around a lot. It won't normally do that. I think the reasoning behind it is clear.

I could have done separate chapters, but I didn't really want that slow of an introduction into the main story line, so I decided on this instead.

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