A/N: I think it's about time this character got his own story, since there's a lot of potential to explore his 1980s pop culture saturated younger years.

As for my other unfinished story 'The Kids Are Alright', I'll try to update it as soon as possible.

August 1976

"Oh, he's just precious! Can I hold him?"

"Sure. Why not?" Tony relented with a shrug as he figured it wouldn't hurt to let his older sister to mind the new baby for a while.

He slowly passed the blue bundle towards her and she smiled in adoration when her arms locked around the puzzled infant, holding it protectively as if it were her own child.

"What's his name again? Daniel?"

"David." Tony answered tersely, noticing the smell of his sister's perfume and hoping it wouldn't overpower his son's senses.

"I see..." Sophia sighed in bliss. "Well, he's a pretty one, just like his mother..."

"So you say... does that mean I was an ugly baby?"

Unaware of her brother's thoughts, Sophia cooed at the infant's round face and large bewildered eyes, before gaining a little more confidence and raising him up so that she could plant a kiss on the forehead.

She pulled away and a whimper sounded, that soon turned into a full blown wail as David expressed fear of his aunt's heavily made up face.

Oblivious to the effect she was having, Sophia handed him back to Tony in dismay and could only assume that he was simply afraid of strangers, as many young children were.