The Box

It sits untouched

In the dark depths of a closet

Deep deep in the closet

that isn't even mine

Today I took it out

For the first time in months

It hurt

It physically hurt me to pull it out

The weight of a thousand stones filling up my chest

Sinking me down to the carpeted floor

And still I press on

Pushing past the pain

Opening it up

This box of memories that no longer fills me with joy

Do you know I still think of you?

That I still wish you well?

That I hope and pray God gives you all the joy in the world?

This person whom I once called friend

In the end

When I look back on all the memories

I can't figure out

Why I put up with all the bullshit that came from your mouth

I guess it was because

I was the only one who saw past the pretenses

Into the soul of a sad, bitter, insecure girl

Who didn't love herself

I was the only one

The only one

So I loved on you

Showed you what it's like

To have a true friend

That loves the real you

But you betrayed me

Became toxic like poison to my head and my heart

And in the end

It wasn't so hard to let go

In fact

It was the easiest decision I ever made

Closing the lid

I put this box of memories back in the closet