All through out the car drive I resign myself to just gazing out the window, little to no attempt to disrupt the quiet that filled the car, and I think its going to stay like that until the female agent speaks.

"Now then, since we finally get a chance to speak in private. I am Lieutenant Anna White" she sits back in her seat, watching me. The whole car is bathed in a somewhat dim light, looking more like a limousine then anything. But I can make out her features much more easily then before.

Her ash blond hair was tied up in a tight pony tail that elegantly draped down her back, with sharp features. Her businesses-like aura seemed to be accentuated by her attire, a frilled white blouse tucked into a high waisted black pencil skirt and black stiletto heels. I watched as a glimmer of a silver pattern flashed over her cheek and to the corner of her eye.

"I apologize for my subordinate, he`s a rather hot-headed one" I narrow my eyes at her.

"So that excuses him for coming at me with a knife, and you just letting him" my tone is curt and almost venomous.

"It was necessary" she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that; one) he on purposely provoked me and two) he seemed all too happy to beat the living hell out of me, if Anna hadn`t stepped in.

"Of course it was" I want to kick and scream at her, but I know that wouldn't help my case.

So I turn back to gazing out of the window, Anna seemed to quickly get the message and takes out a tablet, her fingers tapping on the screen.

Only a few minuets later we pull up to an iron fence, a few words are exchanged between the driver and the guard before we`re off again, I could only just cach a glimpse of one of the guards watching us as we passed by.

The driveway was lit with small garden lamps guiding us towards a vast courtyard with a small fountain, neatly trimmed bushes decorating the area round it. A large white mansion stood proudly and four pillars placed at the entrance, its walls almost gleaming even in the dim light, ivy reaching up and stretched out across the sides of it.

"Ah thank you agent Grant" I hear the car door open as Anna steps out and a figure move round over to my door soon after.

As soon as my door opens,I`m greeted by a large man, who makes a gruff noise in the back of his throat. He gazes down at me through his shades, and I can`t make out any kind of emotion behind them, dressed in a standard black suite I hardly notice the black markings curling around the side of his shaved head.

Almost as soon as my feet hit the concrete I find Anna right beside me.

"Major Normand is expecting both of you, this way" Agent Grant moves to lead us into the building, I notice two more agents appear behind me and I can tell that the last chance of my freedom has already drained away.

Inside is vast and luxurious, marble white walls, a gleaming onyx black floor with a grand white staircase, at the bottom of which stands two small dragon like creatures either side of it. Paintings of some kind of battle hang on the walls, illuminated by a bright lamps placed around us and looking up there is a glass roof, letting me see the small twinkle of stars that dot the night sky.

"The Major certainly has an eye for architecture" I almost jump as I hear Anna suddenly right beside me, the woman could be quite when she wanted.

"Its fine" I put up an icy demeanour as I`m led up the stairs and through vast white halls, until we finally come to a large painted door. Anna dismisses the two guards who bow briefly before heading off, Anna then turns to me and give me a soft smile opening the door, I stand up straight and steel myself taking a step through.

"Major Normand sir we-"

"Oh thank god you finally got here, I swear we`ve been going crazy try to get these humans to finally understand us, it has been a nightmare. Anyway what took you so long? my father-"

I don't hear the rest of Anna`s words because I`m suddenly facing an onslaught of mental words, an echoing round in my head makes me still in my steps and I`m dazed for a second as the force of a demanding voice takes me off guard, it only takes me a few seconds to finally pull myself together and put up a mental icy barrier, effectively cutting off the voice.

I takes me a few more moment to focus on the figure suddenly standing in front of me. Blinking a few times, I see it a girl maybe a few years younger than me, blazing reddish gold eyes that are wide with shock before quickly turning to anger and annoyance. Her honey brown hair is tied in two pigtails reaching her knees and she`s dressed in a lilac off the shoulder top with the word "Royals" printed on, a black skirt, belt, white and black striped knee socks and black flats.

"D-Did you just block me?! I demand to know-"

"Okay back up! I don't know who you are or what your going on about, but you seriously need to back off" I try to walk around the girl.

"It a disgraces that we have to be brought down to human levels of speaking, we are sirens! so I`ll talk to you like sirens do!" I begin to feel the girl attacking at my barriers. I swear to the gods that-

"Agent Grant, please escort these two young ladies out while I speak with Miss Hart" besides agent Grant, Anna and the very angry girl, I hadn't noticed anyone else. But looking round I quickly find an even younger girl sitting at a mahogany desk, golden blond hair cascading like a waterfall down her back, very soft features and big peachy orange eyes, only wearing a simple white dress with a small bit of lace and white doll shoes.

Her expression is sympathetic as she quickly turns round to the Major and apologies, before then going up to the angry ball of emotions that was her friend and pulling her out of the room, agent Grant not long after them.

"Please accept my appologies, I hadn't intended to greet you like that, please sit" The man behind the desk has a very proper and sophisticated presence, his black hair is combed neatly to the side and I can see a hint of stubble around his mouth. Like most of the other agents, his outfit is proper and dark with only a few adjustment, it consists of a suit with various medals attached, a waistcoat, dress pants and polished shoes.

"Would you like a drink? I imagine having demands suddenly thrown at you through the Sirens Link can be quite draining" I sit straight, folding my hand over my lap.

"I`m fine, now please explain why I`m here exactly" he smile and sits opposite me.

"Straight to the point, you remind me of your grandfather. Lieutenant White, the documents" On cue Anna comes round and places three files in front of me, each marked with the words "confidential" before Anna opens them to show me three different faces, the words "deceased" printed in angry red letters across the paper underneath on all except one.

"And what exactly has this got to do with me?" I ask, looking back as Anna walks round the desk and stands beside me.

"According to reports, all three went missing five months ago, and all but one of them have been discovered dead. All three are sirens and we believe that there are multiple others"

"You still haven't answered my question, what has this got to do with me? M.Y.T.H protects humans, not sirens" if the 24/7 surveillance didn't give it away already.

"We simply keep the peace Miss Hart. Now to answer your question" The Major slides a black envelop towards me and sits back.

Inside is just a simple list of names on a scrap of paper, probably pulled from a note book. On which, there are a few names a few are crossed out, and as I scan over it my eyes stop over the last name, my heart instantly leaps into my throat.

Cynthia (?)

The confusion must have been reflected on my face since Anna answers my unspoken question.

"We don't yet fully know what that question mark means yet. However, we believe that there is a possibility for the killer to be somehow connected to you in some way, perhaps a friend or maybe a family member" I know she is just going over possibilities, but that doesn't help stop the sudden anger that flares up in my chest.

"If your implying that my grandparents are killers then-"

"No one is implying anything, we`re just being cautious" I give her an icy look, but stay quiet.

"In light of this situation, we would like to issue a small task force for your protection" Major Normand reached beside him and places two papers in front of me.

"Your actually giving me a choice?" I`m instantly weary, M.Y.T.H`s never been one to offer choices to us. Especially in situations like this one, and alarm bells begin ringing, so you could understand my sudden cautiousness to signing something like this.

"We still require your consent in these kinds of matters, so I would strongly advise you sign, for your benefit more than ours" The Majors voice is firm, and it feels more like a command then anything else, but still...

"Let me take it home, I need to think, and get a second opinion before I sign anything." I stand up, intent on making my point clear.

"Miss Hart please-" I cut Anna off.

"Give me a week, that's all I`m asking" I see Major Normand think for a second, he rubs one finger over his chin before sighing and leaning forward, hands linked on the desk and looking my straight in the eyes, without any signs of flinching. It takes me slightly off guard, but not enough to loose focus.

"Three days, no more" I wanted to argue with him, but I could tell that he wouldn't budge any further. So I`d take what I could get.

"Okay, three" I sigh and take a documents, getting ready to leave when.

"Oh and Miss Hart, I must inform you that Agent Piers will be strictly dealt with for his... brash actions. And while I do not fully agree with Lieutenants White`s decision to let the fight continue, I can understand her reasoning behind it" I narrow my eyes at the Major.

"What reasoning?! He came at me fully intent on doing damage, what reason could there be for not-!"

"Miss Hart, the fight was simply to test what level of control you have over your "primal abilities" as well as your cryokinesis" I look at Anna confused.

"What do you mean exactly?" Was I supposed to be some sort of test subject now?!

"Nothing to be concerned about, just a simple test is all" her vague answer only made my annoyance grow even more, I needed to get out of this room before I started screaming, this was way too much to take in for just one meeting. So, taking a deep breath I look at both of them and try to take on something akin to a blank icy look.

"If that's all I`d like to go home" my voice is monotone as I watch both of them, Anna turning quickly to the Major before he gives her a brief nod.

"Thank you sir, Miss Hart" she turns to me and begins leading me out the door, I follow quickly before I`m stopped by the Major`s voice again.

"One more thing, tell your grandfather the he is missed" I only give him a brief look before answering.

"He knows already" and with that I`m out the door.