Simple Pleasures

He should have said no.

Perched on an impossibly soft chair, Ren folded his hands in his lap -wringing together, palms sweaty and heart beating fast- as he let out a slow exhale. His gaze flicked to the old clock above the door, but the time slipped out of his mind as soon as he looked away. As he tapped a pattern against his thigh, he knew he should have said no.

'Stop thinking about it,' Ren glanced about the room, ignoring the thick wooden table and the goblet of wine resting innocently before him. His host was not yet in the room, yet his skin crawled as he felt the telltale sign of someone watching him. 'Stop thinking. I'm already here. There's no use bemoaning my idiotic matter how appropriate.'

His gaze shifted to the desk, the chair behind it pulled out just a tad. It rested at an angle, and Ren was certain that, if he sat there, everything within the room would be visible to his searching gaze. A part of his mind whispered encouragement, for surely that seat was far better than the one he sat on. The other half let out a rude exclamation, hissing angrily in his ear as it waved a red flag above his head.

He was more inclined to listen to the latter. Ren was on his feet in moments, fingers tapping erratic patterns on whatever he laid his hands upon. He drew in a breath as he felt a gaze sweep over his body, and Ren paced across the lavish study. He bit his lip, gaze, once more, shifting to the clock as a single thought settled: 'I should leave.'

Ren smoothed his hands down his pants, the worn fabric a vast injustice to the richness of the room. He grabbed his bag, turned, and squeaked. There, leaning against the wall by the door, was Holland. Fingers limp, Ren could only stare as the older male gave him a slow, dark smile full of promise. 'I should have said no. Should have, didn't. Fuck, I'm an idiot!'

"Leaving already?" Holland stepped away from his place by the door, pushed away from the wall. He came closer, his pale hand ghosting over the back of a sofa. Red watched as the sinfully soft material changed to a hue darker as those long fingers caressed the fabric. Ren's gaze jumped back to Holland's dark eyes, his pulse thundering in his ear as the other continued, "We haven't even started. Surely I don't frighten you to such a degree."

"That you do."

His eyes widened, too large. 'Backtrack! Backtrack before he gets closer!'

Ren edged around the table, keeping it between the two of them. Holland arched a slender, dark eyebrow in response. A slow, sharp smile curved along one edge of his mouth, and Ren felt his muscles lock as the other paused where he stood. Ren drew in a shaky breath, holding that dark gaze as Holland let out a low, guttural laugh.

Holland cocked his head to the side, amusement dancing in his eyes. "Come, Ren, you ought to know this game can't go on forever."

'I can try, can't I?'

Holland moved, rounding the table with a fluid grace. He grabbed the goblet of wine as he went, and, before Ren could retreat, he found himself ensnared in the other's embrace. His arm curved around his waist, pulling him close. In his other hand, the wine rested. A silent demand, Ren knew. He eyed the cup, not quite sure if he could trust it.

When Holland made no move to release him, Ren knew he had to entertain his tormenter. This was a sitution he had unwittingly invited, one that he had stupidly stepped into. It was much like setting one's self up to be the butt of a bad joke. When the grip around his waist tightened, Ren begrudgingly reached for the wineglass.

He was rewarded with a smile and the gentle press of glass to his lips.

"It is simple, truly," Holland's voice was like that of a siren in his ear, enticing but deadly with the potential to be lethal. Flavor rolled across Ren's tongue, exploding with life as countless fruits burst with reckless abandon on his tastebuds. He nearly choked, almost inhaled the sinfully delicious drink, but managed to swallow. "Breathe, Ren."

Red, red lips parted and, in that moment, Ren was done for. Holland leaned in, brushed their lips together. A haze settled over the younger as the older licked a bead of red nectar from the corner of his mouth, warmth blossoming across his mouth as Holland chuckled. In those final moments, he barely heard the other's soft, gentle words.

"To welcome the simplest pleasures is much like inviting a demon into your bed," A gentle hand guided his head back, and lips brushed over his slowing pulse. Another deep chuckle came from Holland, passing from one body into the next moments before the older man whispered, "A demon I could be, as you often made note of these last few months.

"However, I assure you of one thing. These simple pleasures I will teach...

"I will imprint them upon you." Ren's eyes fluttered shut, body limp in the cold arms holding him close. He could not imagine any other place to be, in that moment. A small part protested, the red flag waving frantically, but he could not focus on that. Not when the other was whispering in his ears, words like sweetened honey. "Never will forget me, Ren. This I promise you."

Author's Note

Here is yet another story of mine, this one done on wordpress. I loved it so much that I thought I better share it with all of you. I do hope you all enjoy this little snippet as much as I do, this little glimpse into some other world were things are not quite what they seem. Or maybe they are what they seem, but we choose to believe otherwise?

Eh. Whatever. Either way, I'd like to know what you all think.