Darkness. That was all Esther registered. An inhumane cry reached her ears. It was faint, but Esther knew they would come for her. Esther whimpered, clutching the blankets tightly. The appalling cries grew louder.

"Ettie. Come here, my sweet child," Mammy's faint voice sounded.

Esther opened her eyes to darkness. Only a week ago was she able to see the end of her bed, but now she couldn't even see her hands.

"Ettie!" Mammy's voice grew strained. "Ettie, why don't you come when I call?"

Mammy was in her room now. Esther couldn't see her, but knew the demon disguised as her mother was nearby.

"I-I'm not afraid of you!" Esther cried. "Stop pretending to be my mama!"

"But your soul is oh so lovely…"

"Go away!" Esther shrieked.

Before bed the following evening, Alistair had given her a viscous sapphire liquid called the Fantasy Elixir produced by Sage the Healer himself. Esther had drunk every drop without hesitation and loved how sweet the potion tasted. Alistair offered to let her sleep in his room again, but Esther wanted to prove to her big brother that she would try to fight the demons on her own.

He had reassured her that the potion would help chase away the monsters, but now, as a blue glow lit up within her, she was more terrified than ever. She gasped as the sapphire light coated her whole body and then a star-like god emerged from her skin and vaulted frantically across the walls, illuminating the room for a moment.

Esther's eyes widened in awe and a giggle fled her mouth as the spirit left glimmers on everything it touched. The agonizing yowls of the Dream Eaters grew louder, but Esther was no longer frightened. The Darkness began to recede, and Esther no longer heard Mammy's warped voice and the howls of the demons. As the room shone, Esther could slowly see her hands and the end of her bed. Soon she saw the door and then the entire room.

The star had left behind imprints of itself, igniting the bedroom with a dim blue radiance. Esther loved how her walls looked like the night sky. She shut her eyes without faltering and for the first time in months, fell asleep comfortably.