Some of you have probably seen the first verse of this on DA. No, I didn't copy it, that's my chalk art. I wrote the verse and paired it with that dragon years ago, though it is still very relevant today.

While you are made of flesh and bone,

Red blood and green-scaled skin;

While parts of me are cast in bronze,

And clockwork beats within;

What now is different was once the same,

Back where life begins.

Are we two truly of different race?

Are you and I not kin?


Why does it matter that I'm not whole,

That parts of me aren't real?

Does it matter that your scale are bright,

And mine are faded teal?

Do my patchwork wings offend you so,

Being unlike your healthy sails?

Is it the wires in my wrists?

My copper-plated tails?


Once my voice rose with clarity,

Now it rasps with wear.

I Sang the songs of my homeland, but,

There is nothing left for me there.

In my Seasons I've traveled far,

Always alone and adrift.

Wherever I go, I feel the stares—

Is my nature the cause of this rift?


I cannot be anything but what I am;

I cannot become something new.

Look into my eyes; see the truth of it:

Instead of me, it might have been you.

You with the metals fused to your body,

You with the clockwork within.

I could have been flesh and bone,

With red blood and green-scaled skin.


And you would know that which I know,

Having lived the same long life,

You would know my pain and confusion,

The hate, and the fear, and the strife.

And when we met in this mirror's reflection,

What I've asked now is what you'd ask then.

Deep down, does it matter our differences?

Are they really such a sin?


For I am made of flesh and bone,

Red blood and teal-scaled skin,

And parts of me are cast in bronze,

While clockwork beats within.

Once, long ago, we were the same,

Back where our lives both begin.

Now look, and See, and answer this:

Are you and I not kin?