Chapter 4

The next day was Saturday and Jon arrived at Beth's house at about one in the afternoon wearing the same shorts as the night before. Beth answered the door also dressed in gym shorts and a man's short sleeved shirt. She looked lovely.

She smiled almost seductively. "Ready to hit it again?"

He blushed as she grinned as she stepped back and let him into the house.

"Where are your folks?" Jon wondered, glancing around.

"Oh, on their way to Boston for a Celtics game tonight," she revealed. "We're on our own."

She led him to her room and she took a seat on her bed. Jon stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Jon?" she said in a low voice. "I've been thinking about last night."

"Um, it's okay," he said sheepishly. "If you don't want to do that again I understand."

She looked at him strangely. "No, that's not what I meant." She blushed. "I mean I think we should practice more. We're not comfortable with each other yet so I think we should practice some more to help our characters." She glanced at the front of his shorts. "And today I wore gym shorts too, and I have on a tube top under my shirt so we can practice right, and I won't... hurt you."

As she talked she unbuttoned her shirt. Underneath it was a strip of cloth covering her breasts, but just barely. It was thin and stretchy and her nipples clearly showed through the light material.

Jon could feel himself blush as Beth crawled across the bed and lay back on it. Again she spread her legs and held out her arms to him. He peeled off his shirt and went to her. He was Billy, right?

"And the kissing too," Beth said. "We need to practice that more. You know, for character development."

Jon nodded as he hunched over her and the next thing he knew he was dry humping Beth and they were kissing passionately. Jon ran out of breath and he opened his mouth to take a quick gulp of air. When he did, his tongue touched her lips and she opened them. Then her tongue came out and the two touched, tentatively at first and then more forcefully. In no time they were sucking on each other's tongues.

Meanwhile Jon was grinding his hard dick into Beth's crotch with only the cloth of their gym shorts between them and she could feel it much better. She loved the sensation and then all of a sudden her hips arched up off the bed and met his as he bore down on her. She realized she was going to have an orgasm!

Beth didn't know what to do. If she came she'd just die of embarrassment but it felt so good she knew she couldn't stop it from happening. She groaned and he paused.

"Are you okay, Jenny?" he said and her fingernails raked his back.

"Oh yes, Billy, don't stop."

Suddenly she didn't care anymore. She ground herself against his dick and allowed the feeling to wash over her.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned. "Ahhhhh, yeeessssss," as the orgasm finally hit.

Jon realized what was happening. She was coming! He was amazed. He kept rubbing against her, trying to help her and she writhed under him. Finally she relaxed and he instinctively knew she was finished.

It felt good to rub against her, but he thought he should stop after those dramatics so he rolled to one side. As he did, Jon saw that Beth's tube top had slid down and her breasts were now exposed. She was lying back with her eyes closed, breathing hard and her perfect breasts were rising and falling hypnotically with their cherry red nipples capturing his gaze like glue.

Beth didn't know what to do. Jon had rolled off of her but he wasn't saying anything. She couldn't face him knowing that she had just cummed due to his hard prick rubbing against her womanhood. What did he think of her? Finally she couldn't stall any longer. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was staring at her but not her face. She looked down and saw her naked breasts sticking out.

"Oh!" She covered them with her hands.

"No, don't." he pleaded.

She looked at him with surprise.

"I mean... they're beautiful," he stammered.

The irony of the situation tickled her and she giggled. "This is so stupid," she said laughing.

Jon shrugged. "They really are beautiful."

Beth kept laughing. "No you goofball, that's not what I meant. I mean I just had an orgasm and now you see my boobs… just seems stupid for me to feel shy."

Jon reached out and picked up one of her hands from her breast and she let him lay it beside her and he picked up her other hand, doing the same thing. Now her breasts were exposed and when she saw the look in his eye as he gazed at them, she didn't feel shy any more. She felt that ball of heat start up inside her again.

Her voice was husky. "I want to practice again," Beth said.

Billy and Jenny rolled together, this time with her breasts pressing against his chest. They kissed, deeply, and he began dry humping her one more time. He felt her hands on his chest, pushing him away. He looked at her. Her gaze was hot and her eyes glinted.

"I want to feel your skin against mine," Beth said in that husky voice.

Jon reached out and tugged at the tube top, trying to get it around her waist.

"No," she said. "I mean all my skin against yours."

He didn't understand until he saw her shoving at her shorts, pushing them down her thighs. He watched, astounded, as her blond bush was now showing. Beth raised her hips off the bed and she pushed until she got her shorts and panties to her knees and then she kicked them off.

She was still staring at him. "You too," she said as she took the tube top completely off.

With trembling hands, Jon started to slide his shorts off.

"Wait," Beth requested. "Let me."

He fell to his back and raised his own hips as she tugged off the shorts. His dick got caught in the waistband and when she finally got them past it, his penis flopped up and slapped his stomach. She gasped when she saw his boner but she kept pulling on his shorts. He kicked them off and she was back at his hips, her face close to his cock, staring.

"Hello, Jenny," Jon said.

"Hello, Billy," Beth replied.

"How many times do you think Jenny has touched it?" Jon wondered.

"Plenty," Beth answered.

He felt her fingers on it, standing it up, then gently and lovingly grasping it like Jenny would. Jenny/Beth's hand slid up and then back down gently, jacking his cock.

"Ahhhhh," he groaned.

"He's a soldier so Jenny would want to please him in every way," Beth said as she did it again.

"Ohhhhhhhh," he groaned again.

She smiled. "What do you think Billy likes?"

"Seeing Jenny naked," Jon answered without even thinking about what he was saying.

Beth rolled over onto her back and she spread her legs so he could see what he had only dreamed of. Her womanhood was just as gorgeous as he had imagined. She had blond hair at the top of her slit.

"How many times do you think Billy has put it in there?" Beth asked.

"Every chance he got," Jon answered.

He climbed carefully between her legs and they both watched as he gently lowered his hips. His penis was rock hard and the tip was almost touching his own belly button. The underside of that hard cock was what touched her when they finally made contact.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," she moaned.

They kissed but then Jon pulled himself away and he fell on his side, looking at her.

"You are so beautiful," he murmured.

She rolled on her side and kissed him as his hands went around to her backside and he squeezed her buns. They got their scripts and lay side by side naked reading their lines. Half way through, she rolled over so her backside was against his cock and they continued reading their lines in that spooning position.

When they got to the kissing scene, they kissed for real. And when they got to the love scene Billy/Jon once again got on top of Jenny/Beth and he dried humped her by rubbing his dick along the top of her pubic hair.

"Keep going," Beth encouraged. "Go ahead until you cum like I did."

And so he did until he ejaculated on her stomach and breasts, moaning and finally collapsing on top of her, his sperm between them as his stomach slid along hers.

"My first love scene," Jon said happily.

"Okay," Beth said. "I think we now know what Billy and Jenny feel for each other."

Jon rolled off of her and they finished the script and then they took a bath together to get cleaned up and it was pretty clear that Jon and Beth both knew everything there was to know about Jenny and Billy.

"Well, I think we followed Ms. Swenson's direction pretty well," Beth giggled as she sat in the tub with her back to Jon, resting her head on his chest.

"I'd say we will be able to communicate Billy and Jenny's intimacy to the audience," Jon agreed.

"Yes, we got to know each other and shared some secrets," Beth remarked.

"Tell me some more secrets," Jon whispered into her ear.
"What'd you do with my panties?" She wanted to know