This is my first book writing and I will be updating it at a somewhat modest pace, every week or so should do. I encourage people to critique my work in any way, good or bad. Criticism is good for learning and there is no way to improve oneself unless they are told what they're doing wrong and what they're doing right.

I hope this book/light novel will entertain those that it holds under their attention. This plot may have been done before, but if so, it might be because it was either from inspiration or pure coincidence. All writing of this story is done by my own hand and is not plagiarized in any manner.

Without further ado, please enjoy...

Chapter 1

An omnipresent and ancient power sat within its throne. It sat back, tapping its right hand's fingers systematically, from his pinkie to his fore finger.

Kli-k-k-klap. Kli-k-k-klap.

The throne of which this being sat, contained many horrific images and scenery of ancient history. History, timed to the era of before Jesus's birth, displaying the falling of the angels and their new hatred to God. Hatred that boiled deep to which the now fallen angels wished vengeance upon God, the one who spout lies in their faces. Belittling them to be beneath humans.

The fallen angels had performed their duties under their subservience but grew impatient when God began to affair with female archangels. God's hypocrisy brought on conspiracy to usurp him, branded a traitor of his own teachings. But God's wrath at his learning of this conspiracy was too much for the archangels and angels who tried to bring a purer, more righteous ruler to power. His wrath knew no bounds as he created lies and drowned his usurpers to the ground below.

Now, the fallen angel that sat on this very throne, plotted revenge on his unfair, lying, and scandalous teacher. He was named Lucifer, dawnbringer, and was now leader of the devils within the Underworld. With his fallen comrades at his side, at his beck and call, they plotted their slow, but sweet revenge on God.

Lucifer pulled a crystal orb from thin air, making it materialize within his left hand. His hand that was once so beautiful and pure white, now was red and held a hue deeper than the brightest of fires. He carefully chanted a quick seance, one for clairvoyance, and was granted a scene of a human sleeping within his bedroom.

Lucifer carefully gazed upon the orb, taking in the scene that was shown to him. The human was a teenage boy, just of age, held a power that would benefit Lucifer greatly for his revenge upon God.

Carefully, Lucifer whispered into the crystal orb in his hand, "Your time is coming soon…."

With an unexpected reaction, Lucifer received the faintest of thoughts that came from the kid's head.

"Huh? Who….?"

"Baka! Baka! Nii-chan wake up!" Wham! I slam my hand on the alarm clock. Funny dream… Rubbing my eyes, I walk to the bathroom and yawn. Knock knock. No answer. I walk in and perform my business. While brushing my teeth, Mom calls, "Shi-kun! You're gonna be late for your first day back to school!"

Crap. I almost forgot. Finishing quickly, I run to my room to get dressed. I pause momentarily to look at myself in the mirror positioned on my bedroom door. Green spiky hair, striking emerald-green eyes with a devious smile. Nice strong jaw with a pointed chin and a nice toned body all in the form of a 17 year-old boy. My name is Yorugen Shido.

I run down the stairs and into the kitchen. I cram a piece of toast in my mouth and hurriedly put my shoes on and run out the door while my mom calls after me, "Your sister got tired of waiting for you, she went ahead without you. And keep out of trouble this time!"

Smiling as best I could with toast in my mouth, I looked back and waved. I arrive to school 2 minutes before it starts.


I look around for the source. I know that voice anywhere.

Thump! Attacked from behind, I turn around clutching my head and curse at my friend. Yashiro Kibe. My best friend since elementary. He's a pretty nice guy that is tall and handsome. He has blond hair, accented with blue eyes. A charismatic atmosphere fit with a well-toned body and charming smile that all the girls fight each other over to get to him.

"Hey!" I yell. "What was that for?"

"For almost being late. Now come on before we actually are."

"Hmph." I cross my arms.

While walking towards the main door to Yamanaka High, a glimpse of purple grabs my attention. I look to my left and see her. Hanabe Kyoko. A beauty that cannot be described with simple words. She has dark yet sparkly purple hair with unsettling purple eyes. A pointed face, rounded about the cheeks with a petite nose.

She has a curvaceous body with her three measurements as B99-W58-H90 (cm). Kibe's brilliant mind released these details to me as soon as I set eyes on her. Kibe has the innate ability to determine women's three sizes. A power I wish I had instead of him. So many girls that I've looked at….

"Amazing!" I shout. "She's perfect. A beauty I ca-"

Thump! "Come on you air head. She's totally out of your league."

I growl, "You don't know that!" I pet my head. That's twice now.

Kibe walks off towards homeroom 2-A. I slump along after him. What does he know about my chances with her? Although I can't blame his thinking. I've never been popular with girls. Every girl I've asked out has rejected me and laughed in my face. I can't help the trouble I get in. Trouble looks for me, not the other way around.

I suppose I should explain. Ever since the 5th grade, I've had trouble come my way, either with getting blamed for something I knew nothing about, to accidentally destroying another kids' projects. I never did anything bad on purpose. It just always turns out bad. Not to mention my plague with women. I tend to make them fall down and form a position from where you can see the nether regions, or where their shirt will pop open. Stuff like that. It's turned me out to be an outcast. So that's my past.

I sit at my appointed desk and lay my head down in my arms. The homeroom teacher Ms. Shinonono walks in and grabs everyone's attention.

"Hello class. I'd like everyone to meet a new student today. She is from America and is very friendly, so give her a warm welcome."

A petite brunette with brown eyes walks in. She has thin-frame glasses that fit her well. She looks shy, reserved almost. She reaches the podium in front of the classroom and presents herself.

A quiet voice escapes her lips, "Hello everyone. My name is Hibike Asia. I was born in America but my parents are Japanese. Please take care of me."

She takes a bow. A quiet roar of "Hello Hibike-san" goes around the classroom. I look over at Kibe to see see what he thinks of her and am shocked. He is looking at her with strong emotion. Love at first sight? That can't be. Does he know her? Well, she said she was born in America, so that can't be. Was she here before school started perhaps?

I nudge Kibe out of his reverie. "What's the matter. Do you know her?"

"No. She just is…"

"She's what?"

"Forget it."

Whatever that means. He seems pretty entranced with her. Hibike looks for a seat while walking around. Getting to my desk, she asks if anyone sits in front of me. I motion to the empty desk in front of me, "All yours. Most people don't care for me and tend to avoid me as I tend to cause trouble."

She nods and sits in the desk. What? I told her that people don't like me, cause trouble, and yet she still sits in front of me?

"Oi! Didn't you hear me just now?" I call to Hibike.

"Yes, and I don't mind what others think."

Hmph. Very strange. Oh well, it's her fault if something bad happens.

Class starts and I occupy my thoughts while I take notes. If only Kyoko-san were here.

I suppose I haven't been entirely honest about my character. Being a boy of my age, inside a school with a 7 girl to 1 guy ratio, I happen to have lecherous thoughts. A lot. I mean, who could resist all the bishoujo (beautiful girl(s)) that attend this school? That said, occupying my thoughts aren't as pure as one would think.

Din-dun-dune. The class bell rings. "Finally! Lunchtime."

My stomach suddenly drops. Crap. I forgot to grab my bento from mom.

"Onii-chan, I have your lunch!"

A feeling of happiness grabs me and I run over to my sister. A small slender girl with a modest chest, blue hair and cobalt-blue eyes. Yorugen Akeno.

"Akeno-chan! You saved my life!" I weep and take the bento from my sister's outstretched hands.

"You know if you got up on time this morning, you would have been able to grab your lunch without worry."

"I know, but I thank you anyway."

"I won't grab it for you again I hope you know."

I groan. "Do you want me to repay you?"

My sister gives a seemingly innocent smile, but I know better. One subject of homework I have to do for her. It's always math. I don't mind though, I'm quite good at math. It's like I have a natural talent for it and everything just clicks into place. Better she doesn't know and just thinks I'm hard working. Sitting down, I turn my attention to my bento and start eating my mom's marvelous cooking. Fried chicken, radishes, carrots, and rice along with some soy sauce. Delicious.

Din-dun-dune. Math class. Straight off the bat, Shinonono-sensei dives straight into algebra, droning on with the usual boring lecture. Looking out the window I spot Kyoko in gym class. She's performing her laps around the track field, ahead of mostly everyone. She keeps a constant pace and never faults or slows down. Those keeping pace with her shortly stop and start walking. Amazing. Always amazing.

"Yorugen-kun," Ms. Shinonono calls. "Did you hear me?"


The class snickers at my answer. "What a doofus," somebody murmurs. The class barks louder with laughter.

I redden with anger and slam my fist on my desk. Before I can catch who insulted me, Shinonono-sensei interrupts me.

"Please class," she addresses to everyone. Turning back to me, she says, "I asked whether or not you could recite the quadratic formula for me, for review. And please pay more careful attention next time."

I recite the quadratic formula while standing and sit back down.

"Thank you Yorugen-kun. Now…"

Class continues and I get attacked by Kibe from a crumpled ball of paper. It lands on my desk. I unfold it and read it. It reads "Same thing as always?" I look at him and nod.

Kibe usually asks for my help on math. He copies off of my assignments and still aces tests. It's always amazed me how he can pass a test which is three times as hard as the assignments, and those are easy!

The hour quickly ends and we head into History. After some notes about World War II, the bell rings and we're released from school. I side along with Kibe as we exit the building and are joined by Akeno at the main gate. Walking down the street towards home, in my peripheral vision I notice someone following us. It's the newcomer.

Nudge. "What?" Kibe asks.

I motion with my thumb behind us and he looks.

"I'll.. uh.. I'll talk to you later Shido."

"Mmph." I nod.

Kibe starts walking back to Asia. When Kibe gets to her, they start talking immediately as if they were long time friends. Strange, I thought.

"What was that about?" asks Akeno.

"I don't exactly know myself. Kibe was staring at her this morning during her introduction."

"Weird. He's never taken to a girl before."

"That's what's bothering me."

Despite Kibe's popularity with attracting lots of girls, he's never once dated any who have asked him out. A girl will ask him out and he will just simply reject her. With all the women that ask him out, I think him to be crazy for rejecting all of them. I'd personally gather a harem albeit unethical to do so. Who wouldn't want many wives or concubines to cook you delicious food, groom you, and take care of your night side?

My sister and I silently walk the rest of the way home. Thinking to myself, I suddenly flash back to a memory from my childhood. This happens sometimes. It's very strange and eerie, though I've become used to it. It's always the same memory that I keep visiting. I'm 7 years old and sitting in a swing at a park at dusk. My mom is sitting on a bench reading her book, occasionally checking on me. My mom calls to me that she's going back home to get supper ready. I call back to her saying I'll be fine. The park is just 2 blocks from our house. It's within good sight so my mom can watch me from afar.

Swinging and humming to myself, I notice a cat next to a hedge bush. Loving cats, I stop swinging and go and try to pet it. Naturally, being a stray, the cat runs off away from me and I stop chasing it, defeated. Cats never stay long enough to be given attention. I turn back to go swing and I notice something over by the swing set. A shadow. This shadow isn't normal though. It has endless depth. As if I could fall into it. It was standing up as well, not projected against a wall. I could feel it looking at me. I could feel its gaze pierce me, yet it had no eyes. Suddenly, it moved. It's right in front of me and grabs hold of me. A sudden sensation of pain fills my body. I could only describe it as having a white hot steel poker jabbing into my skin repeatedly, every time with the heat getting hotter. It hurts so much. I cry in pain but there is no sound that comes out. The shadow is forming against me, swallowing me whole. Everything stops as I black out.

"Shi-kun! Shi-kun!" calls my mom's worried voice.

I groan and try to get up. It's impossible. What happened? It hurts all over. I can't control my body like usual. Mom comes running to me, worried.

"Shi-kun, what happened?"

"I do-" I black out again.

"Onii-chan, you there?" asks Akeno.


"You suddenly stopped walking and started staring off into space. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. How long was I like that?"

"About five seconds."

"What?" I gasp. But it felt like hours. This is the first time the flashback had happened where I remained conscious after it happened. These episodes usually occurred when I was in my room, either sitting at my desk or laying in my bed. They usually ended with me falling unconscious, similar to my flashbacks.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, let's just get home."

"Alright, well don't stay up too late again."

Walking through the door, I take off my shoes and immediately head upstairs. I need to sleep to clear my head.

"Shi-kun, are you alright?" calls my mom.

"Yeah, I'm just tired. I stayed up too late last night."

"I see, well get some sleep then."

"I will."

As soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep. I dream of Kyoko. I'm laying on my bed, half naked, boxers only and Kyoko is sitting on top of me, near my pelvis. Alarmed, I try to get up but Kyoko pushes me back down.

"How playful of you. I finally catch you and now you want to run. It's almost like you know about the cat and mouse game we've been having."

"What? What are you talking about? We barely know each other, let alone playing a game together."

"Fufufu." She playfully laughs. "I relish your ignorance. If only you knew why I've been looking for you."

"You? Looking for me? Why? I'm a total loser compared to other guys." Why the heck did I say that?! I'm such a moron! I should be trying to win her over, not telling her what everyone thinks about me, and… slightly what I believe.

"See, your honesty there is what I enjoy."

"You… you can hear my thoughts?"

"Of course. This isn't your ordinary dream, wouldn't you say?"

It's like a nightmare. The girl I've had a crush on since 7th grade is talking to me, yet I can't take control of the situation. She's talking about stuff I don't understand. Since when has she taken notice of me? I've avoided her a lot, minus the few occasions where I went to ask her out and then got cold feet. Could she see through those attempts I've made?

"It seems that my appearance has made your mind run wild. I do enjoy making you ever so confused. It's cute, especially with that face you make."

Something is definitely wrong here. I've got to wake up. Wake up! Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!

I burst up from my bed in a cold sweat. My throat is absolutely dry. Just what was that dream?! I slowly get up and make my way downstairs into the kitchen. Grabbing a glass, I fill it with tap water and gulp it down. I rinse my glass and then put it away.

Walking back up the stairs, I realize that none of the lights are on, yet I can see clearly. It's as if a light was in the middle of the room, yet it has no shape. I look around, confused. The light appears everywhere, yet I can see all the light switches are off. Shaking my head, the phenomenon stops. What the fuck is going on here? I go back in my room, lay in my bed, and close my eyes. The last thing I hear before I fall off to sleep is Kyoko's laugh.