The arrival

I can't believe my luck...I got sent to that cursed school, to Yomiyama middle school. I can't handle the pressure of the school rules, I don't want to fail...but my parents refuse to believe anything I say, if I am still going...then I'll just have to survive until the end of the year!

It's 6:32 am, I need to hurry to school, just as I step outside, my mom "Behave yourself at school, always obey the rules deary!" The pressure is getting to me, and she brought it up...I think I'm just paranoid, yeah! Everything will just be fine, I just need to be relaxed...relaxed...

(In the hallway) hmm...this is my class...class 3-3, *gulp* here I go...(slides door). The teacher obviously noticed me.. "Ah, class...we have another transfer student , please...introduce yourself to the class." I was never one good with the crowd...but rules are rules.. "M-my name is...Qaid, I moved to Japan because my dad bought a house here for the family while he works overseas" the students looked obviously shocked, maybe because they rarely hear fluent english.

"Alright Qaid, you can sit next to Haziq over there." Haziq!? He also transfered here!? Oh, and that's Hafiz behind my desk...which reminds me... "Is my desk in front of that fat black guy?" obviously he hasn't changed his reaction towards insults "Heeeey Qaid, you skinny little bastard!"

"What the hell guys? How did you end up here?" Hafiz just turned his head and responded "Hell." Haziq agreed to him. "Well...dont you dare fail on me this year, we need to graduate." We were babbling so much that we didnt notice the whole class was staring at us "It looks like you three are already acquainted, but please sit down ." is she serious? "Uhm...actually Nasa is my dad, we dont use surnames, instead we use our fathers' name to indicate we are their sons." Hafiz was laughing hysterically

"You bruneians are hard to figure out, anyways get ready for your class orientation, I'll be leaving."

After the teacher left the class, we gathered around formally to hear the plan. "Alright everyone, settle down! Now all of you know what is our main objective here right?" Everyone raised their hands and yelled "Learn hard or fail hard!" Never thought school would be scary "Correct, and to do that we must follow the rules!"

Well I can't seem to like this idea, obviously. It seems the three of us need some gameplan. "Hey guys, how the heck do we suppose to get flawless grades? The three of us just transferred here. Wait, don't tell me you guys learned Japanese?" I forgot that Hafiz used to hate to get betrayed "Don't be ridiculous Qaid, if we did, then we won't have anything to fear." Haziq was, as usual scoping the room for girls. "Yeah yeah guys, you noticed the girls here are really cute" Hafiz though, seemed like to be bored of it "Nah, I'm too cool for that."

"Really a black fatty like you?" Hafiz as usual... "Goddamnit Qaid, I'll kill you!" Haziq was laid back like usual "Hey guys, wanna play shiritori like when we were at Brunei?" I haven't forgot about those times "Hell yeah, I'll take you both down!"