I wonder, how am I supposed to improve my grades if ican't understand anything on the textbooks? "Stop being a nerd and help me with this!" Oh, it's Hafiz, I forgot we were asked to move the classroom shelf. "I thought you know kung fu? You should be able to move that by yourself by now." "Oh har de har har, do I look like I'm fighting this thing right now?" Hafiz let out a sarcastic laugh while struggling with the shelf. "Where's Haziq? He could've helped us with this. Oof!" "*gasp* yeah *wheeze* I lost him back in the hallway." Man this shelf is heavy, the other students don't even bat an eye! Hey I saw you Shiro, you can't just look away like that!

"Style of the Hidden Crane, technique 7: TURNING FEATHER IN THE WIND!" then Haziq came out of nowhere slapped Hafiz's head for being loud. "You left me out there by myself, you do know I don't know the way that much yet!" "Ow... well at least help us with this since you got back already." Hafiz rubbed his head. Finally the three of us moved the shelf and sat back at our desks. "Alright class, time for a pop quiz!" Oh no, I forgot about the quiz today! "Hahaha! I played Samurai Warriors all day yesterday so I know everything!" Hafiz said with a smug. Heh, good luck on answering anything about culture development. "Hafiz, could you tell me who was Nobunaga Oda's retainer who had the figure of a woman?" Hmmmm, was there anything in the books that mentioned this? "Yes, it was Ranmaru Mori." answered Hafiz with his smug face. "Very good, I see you know your Samurai warriors well. Now you're all warmed up, it's time for the real question." HAHAHA! Serves you right, there's no way you're getting out of this one! "Oh I know what you're thinking Qaid, but you just watch." Hafiz still bears his smug.

"The Katana was used in the old days by the japanese warriors who were called Samurai, what can you tell me of its usage and its history." Ooooh, I don't think any of us three are weebs enough to know this one! "The Katana was used in war but not as often as it was portrayed, the Samurai would use the katana if their Naginata was broken or if they were fighting in close quarters. The katana was forged by folding steel and was hardened quite unevenly since Japan had poor metal quantities and quality, this is why only skilled warriors often used it and took extra care of it." ...how in the... "Very good! It looks like you've been studying Japanese culture very thoroughly! Up next, Qaid!" Oh no! "What can you tell me about the Bushido?" Bushido...Bushido...wait what was that again? I think it's about the Samurai style, or was it their martial arts? "Uh...the Kendo was uh...you erm...first you hold the sword then um..." uh...how did it go again? "I am afraid you are slightly incorrect mr. Nasa, the Bushido was the code of the Samurai, not the fighting style. Your punishment for not studying is a little bit severe "

Oh no no no, this was the famous punishment this school was about isn't it!? "You are tasked to write an essay of the Bushido by tomorrow and you are permitted to search the internet for it." Wait is that it? Huh that ain't so bad. "Wait for it." Shiro whispered to me. "Oh and you need to go up against a kendo student in a swordfight, the full details will be explained tomorrow, now I expect you to finish that essay as early as possible, or you'll be fighting without a weapon." the teacher finalized the lesson with a recap on yesterday's history lesson before leaving the classroom.

"Oh, a swordfight, that brings back so many memories." I overheard some students saying to the others. "Wow, a Kendo match! I hope the opponent is Sakamoto, he's so cool" some of the students squealed. "Well, happy funeral Qaid!" Haziq and Hafiz said in sync. "Guys, you gotta help me! I don't know anything about swordfighting!" "Well, since you begged, I'll train you. I know Kendo but I think I'm gonna teach you another style since the match is tomorrow, you're not gonna win against someone who studied it for years while you train for a day." whatever Hafiz is saying right now, I'm all in for it!


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