"Fiz, you gotta help me man, I'll die out there!" he promised me yesterday to teach me about sword-fighting, why did he have to bail on me now!? "Sorry dude, I told you, my mom said she's out for some formal dinner or something tonight and no one else would be at home" he said. Ugh, wait. Couldn't we just train at his house? "Hey, how about you train me at your place? No one will be there anyways." That question turned his expression into a eureka like he just found the answer to life, "Oh right! I guess I could, but do I really have to? I like to watch anime and play games when I'm home alone, I don't have ti-" before he could finish what he was about to say Haziq intervened, "Dammit Fiz, just do it, I wanna come too, it could be fun"

"You guys are really starting to annoy me, alright, I'll do it, bring a stick with you or something, I don't have actual swords at home" Hafiz's answer to my dying plea. After class ended it was time for lunch so I have to discuss further plans with that fatty. It seems like he's heading to the rooftop for lunch with Haziq, how cliché. "Hey, why didn't you guys wait for me?" They both looked at each other then to me, "Uh, I thought we told Shiro to tell you?" Haziq said. That idiot, so that's why he told me they were heading into the girls' restroom, goddamn troll. "Whatever, say, when is the Kendo match again?" "Hmm, earlier today in history class, the teacher said it will be tomorrow." replied Hafiz.

"Don't worry, he said you'll be fighting against a newcomer of the Kendo club." added Haziq. Newcomer or not, they at least had practice and I don't even have a single clue what to do, hmm, isn't that Shiro and Takashi? "Heeey! You guys eat on the rooftop now? That is so cliché. Hahaha!" I knew this simpleton, Takashi would say something like that. "Oh, Qaid? I thought you went looking for Fiz and Ziq at the girls' washroom?" unbelievable Shiro, "Heh, nice try, but I know these perverts are all talk" ouch, Hafiz bit me. "So are you gonna be okay for tomorrow Qaid, do you even know how to use a sword?" Takashi asked as I instinctively flinched. "Well.. how hard can it be to wack someone in the head with a stick, right? Besides, Fiz is gonna teach me the basics later at his house" to which, Hafiz interfered, "Great, you just have to tell them didn't you? Now they'll tag along and my house will get thrashed."

"Hmm hmm, interesting. I shall take this opportunity to further make your acquaintance, Mr. Rocker." Shiro stated as he posed like an anime character. "Wait how do you know my nickna-" Hafiz was interfered by Takashi, "Err.. I'll bring snacks." Hafiz quickly let out an expression of someone who is less annoyed by the offering. "Hoho, well why didn't you say so? I will gladly take up your offer." Note to self, bribe for the fat boy? Food. "Crap, lunch is over in 3 minutes! Let's hurry back to class" yelled out Haziq. We ran to our class as quickly as possible.

"Where have you been, Mr. Rocker and friends?" Saori with a frown on her face angrily asked, well.. sort of angrily. "Okay seriously, how did you guys know that na-" it seems like Hafiz is bound to get interfered for today, "Mr. Rocker and company! Sit down! You are late, at least show some manners!" Well at least some teachers actually know how to speak english…. except the english teacher. "You know if there is one thing that we're always bad at, it's math." Haziq was scratching his head as he glanced over the whiteboard in despair. "F-Fiz, if you'd like, I can show you how to do this formula, you seem like you are having trouble." Saori looked flustered as she offered her services to Hafiz. "E" *sigh* replied Hafiz. "What do you mean by E? I do not understand. Do you mean this formula right here?" Oh, I get it, Hafiz is just confusing Saori again, I honestly don't understand what's in that head of his.

*Bell rings* "So hey Fiz, where do you live actually?" I asked since he never told us. "Oh, it's just right after the third vending machine, south of here," said Hafiz. Oh, no wonder he always comes to school late, knowing him, the nearer his house is to school, the more he delays his departure. "You probably bought some drinks from the vending machine before and after going to school didn't you?" Haziq pointed out. "Hey, can't help it, the drinks change everyday, I'm curious about the taste." replied Hafiz.

A dirty image surfaced on my mind, "I-is there-?" and Hafiz cuts me off, "No there were no gamer girl bathwater juice, please don't finish that sentence." Jeez, I was just asking.

After we put on our shoes, me and the boys followed Hafiz to his house, on the way, however, there was a lady by a river crying out for help in japanese, apparently there is a kitten hanging onto its dear life, drowning in the river, without thinking all of us dived into the river in an attempt to help. Luckily, Hafiz got it in the nick of time and handed the little furball to the lady. "Arigatou, Rocker-san" the lady said. "Wait did she just say my nick-" Shiro, being absolutely Shiro, dried himself with Hafiz's jacket which he took off before diving in. "You NUGGET!" yelled out Hafiz.

The lady was grateful and was saying something in japanese to us, "Where are the subtitles?" Haziq said. "Now now, don't be rude, she is just asking if there is a way to repay us." said Takashi. Something? "Anything?" Hafiz asked. "At no point did he mention anything, Fiz, this isn't an anime, it's not gonna work" sarcastically answered Shiro? "Yes, but we were all thinking about it, aren't we?" I said as we huddle up in a circle of cultured men. We looked back at the lady from our circle of culture and huddled up once more, "Last one to ask will pay for the next soba lunch out!" Takashi unusually exclaimed. "SHASHIN{PICTURES}!" we shouted in sync as we have no idea how broad that request was.