They need to leave

"They need to leave!" They say.

"They need to go!" They continue.

"They are taking our jobs!" They cry.

"They are ruining our economy!" They exclaim.

Who are 'they' you might ask?

The others.

The refugees. The immigrants. The Muslims.

While it is incorrect,

To group these people all together,

They still do it.

Let me remind you,

Dear country,

Dear citizens,

Dear Americans,

You exist because of immigration.

You are here today because of it.

Your ancestors immigrated here.

Let me remind you,

What happened the last time,

People blamed an entire religion,

For the actions of a few.

A war. A terrible, bloody war,

In which millions lost their lives,

And even more their Parent. Child. Loved one.

What is wrong about 'those others'?

And no, I am not to naïve to think that,

Everyone can live peacefully next to each other in a Utopia.

Yet I still question, why?

Why this hatred?

Why this utter rejection towards anything different?

I beg of you. Please open up your mind.

See that not all change is bad.

See that difference and diversity is good.

See that united we are stronger than opposed.

They are not all as bad as you might think.

And I ask you to question, why?