It was around seven on last Christmas Eve

When I came upon a sight that my heart sad surely did leave:

Out on the street corner in the cold, trampled snow

There sat a poor pooch, forlorn and alone.

He was woeful and skinny, you could count each of his bones

And tell at first glance that he did not have a home.

He sat there and huddled as the people passed by

And as I approached him, I could hear how he sighed.

"Well, that ain't no way to spend Christmas," I thought.

Quickly my mind for a solution now sought.

What was I to do when my flat was so small

That fit there just me and my bed and that's all?

As I pondered my options, of one thing I was sure:

That out on the street he must live now no more.

So I took the silk ribbon that was holding my hair

And knelt next to him saying he had nothing to fear.

Gently I tied it around the pup's neck

And happily noticed he wasn't afraid, not a speck.

He turned as he watched me with two twinkling eyes

That seemed to reflect all the stars in the sky.

I gave him a hug and felt his tiny heart race

As his tongue pulled shyly over my face,

The wag of his tail told me clearly that this

Was what the poor pooch considered a kiss.

Though speechless, his eyes said "It's now me and you.

We now have each other." And that's when I knew

That he was my present, the best ever I got,

And part from him now I simply could not.

So home did we go, where a bath and a meal

Brought forth the most beautiful dog I had seen.

His head in my lap, we watched the candle flame burn

And I thought of the valuable lesson I'd learned:

It does not matter if your home is teeny or grand

Or whether you feel you own just your two hands,

No matter if in your pocket there's a penny or pound

As long as there's plenty of love to be found.

So needless to tell that the pooch I did keep

And smiled oh so happily as I drifted to sleep.