MEMORIES: June 2012. Delft, Holland.

Memories of my life, memories off that one empty day!

With so many more to come, there is nothing much to say.

As I'm wondering through the streets, nobody seems to know, memories from the past, memories they don't know!

Memories of the past decade's ago rushing, flashing through my mind, my head is hanging low I look from side to side.

Nobody can feel the pain, I feel in my surrounding and the emptiness is real, the past has passed long time ago.

I'm just walking, without a place to go!

My heart is ripped out of my body, well not really, but it feels that way.

Every day is getting longer, feeding my memories, just like hunger.

Here in Holland, more or less, here in Delft, lay's the past.

What I brought, she left behind, it was my love, I just can't find.

Then I stopped, I know this place, it is the restaurant, now an empty space.

I'm looking through the window and I try to find her face.

It's all just memories from the past. I don't know how long this will last.

Empty memories, filling up, it seems to be, there is no stop!

Slowly I walk away, from the past, not knowing how long my memories will last.

But I know I have to go back, there where my mind, is able to rest.

I'm home-sick, to my future. To, a child, I dearly love.

She's my live she's my wonder, who is hunger, not for food, but just for love.

Simi Valley, is where I thrive, in Simi Valley, lay's my life.

What's killing me are the memories, memories, I can't kill.

Maybe it sounds silly, for all this crap I write.

But I don't, care to share my feelings I don't care to fly my kite.

I'm the one with my memories I'm the one who have this fight.

Do you understand where I go!

To the mountains but I'm still far down below.

I rise, till I fall again.

Oh Lord I'm just a humble man, I don't ask for much, but bring me home!

Oh Lord don't get me wrong,

I'm just asking to make me strong,

To forget my memories

I want to go home to where I belong!

Written by Rene van der Tas Juny 2012.